Online Regional Application: Apply Now 2014

Online submissions to qualify for the provincial competitions opens February 17th, 2014 and closes April 30th, 2014  

 For more details on the events please go to the Upcoming Events page.   Here is a quick list of the regional, the host studio and the date it will be held on:

1. British Columbia:  AVA Fitness, Saturday Sept 20th, 2014
2. Alberta:  Strut Fitness , Saturday September 13th, 2014
3. Saskatchewan – Please apply to the closest regional.
4. Manitoba – Please apply to the closest regional.
5. Ontario:  Brass Angels, Saturday Aug 9th,2014
6. Quebec:  Alternative Fitness,  Saturday, September 6th, 2014
7. New Brunswick – Please apply to the closest regional.
8. Newfoundland/Labrador – Please apply to the closest regional.
9. Nova Scotia Studio in Essence , Saturday, July 5th, 2014

10. Prince Edward Island

11. Northwest Territories
12. Nunavut
13. Yukon
Canadian Pole Fitness Championship and Expo: Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio- November 14th, 2014


Here are the dates regional applicants will get their results:

Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships– July 5th, 2014
Announcement day April 5th, 2014Ontario Pole Fitness Championships – August 9th, 2014
Announcement day May 9th, 2014Alberta Pole Fitness Championships – September 13th, 2014
Announcement day June 13th, 2014BC Pole Fitness Championships – September 20th, 2014
Announcement day June 20th, 2014Quebec Pole Fitness Championships – September 6th, 2014
Announcement day June 6th, 2014

Please note there will be no Wild Card Applications this year.

The Canadian Pole Fitness Association reserves the right to invite any competitor that has placed in the top 3 of each division to the nationals.

The winner of the online only competitions will receive a spot in to the Canadians but will not have their flight paid for. It is recommended that you chose your closest live regional to win a spot that includes flight to the Nationals in Mississauga Ontario in November 2014.

Each Region will have 6 Divisions: Amateur, Semi Professional, Professional, Men’s, Doubles and Masters(40+). If less than 3 competitors apply in any division that division will be online only. They will be judged on their application videos but will not compete live at the event. The winner of that division may however be asked to perform at the event.

Flight  will be provide to the winner of the Professional Division in each region to compete in the finals in Ontario.

The top three of each division from last year will be automatically excepted into the Nationals.  They will however need to send in a video to make sure of what division they are appropriate for, except for the Professionals.

You may only apply to one region though you may apply to multiple divisions in that region.

By applying to all contests, you agree to the Rules and Regulations. Must be over 19 and have valid ID on the day of the event. The fee is $45 per division and is non refundable.