By Virginia Villari

Last weekend, on a rainy Saturday night we went to Casa Mezcal in the Lower East Side, not only for their long list of tequilas, but to see a show named “Fin de Siglo.” This is a series of monthly performances presented by the aerial dance company AERA, which have a different theme each time but always evoking the fascinating decadence of the end of a century. Performances are centered on the dance of the pole and this time they revolved around the Middle East…

At the beginning the host goes like “This is our fourth show, the theme is middle east…kinda…you might find some pieces shocking but…fuck off I don’t care!”

I must say that those interpretations of the theme were very, VERY original…Middle East stories have never been so badass and sexy! Enjoy…

Pole Dancing and Middle East
  Sep 24    
Pole Dancing and Middle East



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