Why You Should Take the Pole Survey

Why You Should Take the Pole Survey

Why You Should Take the Pole Survey

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  If you haven’t heard the word, it’s about to come to you loud and clear. The first ever Pole Dance Fitness Pole Sport Survey has been up and running for 2 months closing in on almost 1,000 pole dancers participating. Our goal is 100,000. Needless to say, we have many more people to reach. The purpose of this article is to spread the word a little more. Before going into what exactly the pole survey is about, let’s begin with why this survey exists and what the ultimate goal is. When you’re done reading this article, you should be excited; you should be envisioning the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the purpose for creating the survey and that is what drives the supporters of the survey, who are listed at the end of this article. Pole Dance Fitness and Pole Sport Survey was created to gather numbers and information about how many of you are out there. How many of you were there in 2008? How many of you were there in 2010? How many of you are there now? What has been the growth from 2006 or earlier until now? How many of you are single, mothers, married, professionals? How much money do you earn to maintain your sport? And so much more. Pole dancing must show others its growth with real numbers, facts, charts and graphs. We can scream until we are blue in the face, but until corporations are shown the numbers, poling will never be taken seriously. It is almost impossible to not know the number of pole dance competitions that are happening around the world at any given time. And, it is growing like crazy. With all these competitions comes costs, not only for the organizers, but for the competitors themselves. Studio time, travel and hotel expenses and food. The Pole Industry is always looking for ways to help spread out the expense for everyone involved. Not only that, there are very few competitions that give a cash prize, and if they do, it is usually small. There is no blame or fault here, it is just fact. There is so much time, effort and money that goes into creating a large event that even competitors get overlooked. The top expenses are venues and poles and/or truss system. The venue itself is usually the most expensive, ranging anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000, depending on it’s size, popularity, amenities (who likes changing in a bathroom!) and so on. Then you hav e marketing expenses, fliers, advertisements in pole magazines, on-line with google and Facebook. Then you have the website, creating it and maintaining it, which, unless you are a computer wiz, eats up money having to pay a webmaster. There are costs for judges, for a host, for guest performers, for an after party, t-shirts made, photographers, videographers, then, if you are a lucky competitor, you get to perform with poles on a truss. That usually costs as little as $1500 plus. All these expenses and prize money too! Wonder why competitors only get trophies and medals? Now let’s talk about the major players in the pole community, the big sponsors. We have X-Pole, Mighty Grip, and Bad Kitty just to name a few big supporters. These companies are putting up major dollars, equipment and/or product for these events. They throw after parties, they fill gift bags and they put in time and effort helping the organizers of the events they sponsor, which equals money in the end. With all of these events happening, there is only so much money going around. These companies in particular get hit up for sponsor dollars almost every week, maybe more. That is where this pole survey comes in. But, let’s examine what we are doing a little further. Media, press, news, magazines (not pole mags) are all catching wind of what we are doing. They usually say things like, “pole dancing is not what you think anymore” or “No, this is not your typical strip club atmosphere”. I find myself asking, “Why do I have to explain myself to clueless over there?” But the truth is, sometimes us polers are all caught up in our little bubble, and we just can’t wrap our heads around why other people still don’t get it. It’s because even though someone has heard a little bit about what pole dancing is evolving into, they still don’t have a clue as to the serious reality of it’s growth. Okay, are you still with me? I’m smiling, watching this all come together.   It is time to burst our little bubble; step out of our comfort zone; get anxious and push for larger corporations to step in and give us their support. If you look at NASCAR or golf, NFL, gymnastics, ice skating, heck just about every serious sport or activity out there, they have Nike, Reebok, Sprint, Verizon, Patron, Red Bull or Monster sponsoring them.  These companies have big money. They validate sports. They reach the masses. Snowboarding, a case in point. Supporters of the survey are looking for bigger brands to sponsor events, help the competitors, help the organizers, and attract more people to pole dancing and increase the market for the major pole dance companies and studios. The more people learn about pole dance and pole fitness, the more the industry benefits. More poles, more outfits to work out and perform in, and more grip aids will be sold. There would be more money to go around, more cash prizes for competitors and more attention paid to what is really happening in our world. Let’s get serious!     With out these numbers, one cannot go to larger businesses, sit in front of them and simply talk about how awesome pole dancing is. You may not think so, but I am capable of wearing a professional looking suit, pulling my hair back and hiding my cleavage to be taken seriously. My dream is to walk into the office of Cover Girl, Rock Star Energy, American Apparel, Lu Lu Lemon and more and show them, with charts and graphs, that if they don’t participate, they will be missing out. We will be unable to do that without the support of you, the heart beat of this community. With out you dedicated Pole’r Bears out there, we have nothing. It is up to you to help yourselves expand and to embark on a journey. This is history and we are making it, you are making it just by waking up every day, getting on the pole and letting the world know you love pole dancing. By taking this survey, you will be helping yourselves, the larger pole companies that support you and your friends, and the pole dance super star that could one day be you. Click here to take the survey and help us help you. Share it with your friends. It is anonymous, and you get a coupon or discount at the end of the survey, plus a great feeling knowing that you are making a difference for something bigger and better. Now that is exciting. 🙂 Take the survey on-line or see us at the International Pole Convention in Los Angeles, June 21-24, 2012 at the Pole Dance Fitness and Pole Sport Survey booth.       Participating companies in the survey include but are not limited to: United Pole Artists, Mighty Grip, Bad Kitty, International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF), Pole Fitness Association (PFA), Pole Nation, Pole Sport UK, MC Heatlhcare, Pole 2 Pole Magazine, Indigo Dance Magazine, Pole Story by Claire Strerrett, Pole Dance Jewellry and Pole Dance Magazine On-Line. To learn more about how you can be involved in the distribution and promotion of this survey, with credit to your company or organization send an e-mail to info@unitedpoleartists.com. The Pole Dance Fitness Pole Sport Survey was designed for you. We appreciate your time and efforts. The power in numbers is great and you are the numbers, you have the power to make a difference and by spreading the word to all Pole’r Bears, near and far.


Annemarie Davies

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