When Pole Dancing Goes Too Far

When Pole Dancing Goes Too Far

When Pole Dancing Goes Too Far

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ob·ses·sion 1. the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. 2. the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself. 3. the state of being obsessed. 4. the act of obsessing. Why is Pole Dancing so addictive, so compelling, so…encompassing? The glory of mastery, the beauty of movement we are able to produce, the kinship and sisterhood formed, the challenge, yes it is all of this and more. The more is the part that is difficult to articulate, but you dancers, you feel what I mean. Pole Dancing and now Aerial Dance has taken over my life, become a welcome obsession, now a big, giant BUT, but…sometimes it can go too far. The desire to become more, to become greater comes with a price. The price-over doing it. Shoulders, back, chest, arms, so necessary to our art, so necessary, in fact that they are highly prone to overuse injuries. I recently tore a muscle in my upper back prompting a visit to my chiropractor. My chiropractor-“Wow Diana, this is really bad. It’s almost like you’re pulling great weight up and down constantly. You’ve torn a muscle in your back, connected to your lat. You’re going to need to take a couple weeks off, at least.” Let the negotiations begin…a couple weeks!!! How about a couple days…I’ll ice…So I proceeded to medicate with the miracle drug Ibuprofen and continue training. I might have taken 1 day off, but I don’t think so. Fast forward a week, I can barely put my pants on, carrying my purse takes my breath away for the pain. My obsession has gone too far, has caused me to injure myself to the point of immobility. How to deal with Pole injures and the consequent depression? First-When you feel it injure-STOP! Don’t continue training, sounds simple right? It’s not, not when you have this drive, this desire to become greater. You must stop, because trust me, if you don’t it will get worse. Second-Ice immediately, and continue icing for 3 days after the injury Third-Take time off to heal, don’t wait until you feel a little better, call it good and jump back on the pole, only to re-injure the exact same area, but this time worse. Fourth-Take Ibuprofen, it brings down the inflammation and helps with the pain. The anger and depression that follows an injury are sometimes worse than the injury itself! Why won’t my body cooperate? Take this time to stretch and working on your flexibility. You’ll feel as though you’re moving forward and helping your injury heal. Diana Boyle owner of Embody Pole Fitness, in Corona, CA. Finding inspiration from the amazing people around her continues an ongoing series of articles exploring the empowerment of modern women. Amateur writer, part time IT professional, three quarter time pole dancing diva and full time mom she give her thoughts (in no particular order) about what is great about being a woman today…


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