Wegon is a pole dance media company

that caters to the Spanish speaking audience in our industry.  They are following in the footsteps of UPA and are super popular in South America, specifically Brazil.  We are happy to announce that UPA and Wegon are working together now.  Joining forces and growing our audience, we want to bring together all the people of pole.  No matter what language you speak, we all speak pole, and that’s enough to keep us #UnitedByPole. Click the banner above to visit their site and see what Wegon has been up to.


United Pole Artists has been in the industry since 2009.  We started off as a media company that scoured the community for stories to share with you and the outside world.  Now, UPA is YOUR platform. It’s a space for you to tell your story, share your poling and find out about your fellow polers.  By shopping through UPA’s affiliates, you are supporting this platform. We will always be here for you when you need us. Interested in becoming a UPA Affiliate?  Email us.

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