Web Services

UPA has been building its own websites for years now along side a team of developers.  We now offer web services to the pole dance and aerial community, including other adjacent activities and brands.  Over the years, we have created a reliable, trust worthy team. With Benn Payne as one of our designers, Annemarie Davies, a designer and manager, and Luminys, a hosting company, this team has what it takes to fit your needs.

Our current clients include:

Kelly Maglia

Nadia Sharif

Maria Rose

If you need web services, including website created from scratch, just fixed up and/or hosted by a friendly team of people, we are here for you. UPA has been in the Pole Dance Industry since 2009. We have a name that can be counted on and a solid reputation for honesty, transparency and the desire to help all those we can in this community.

To learn more, email us at info@unitedpoleartists.com

To receive a quote, visit UPA.Support