Vakiesha Wimberly aka Skittles – The Pole Spotlight

Vakiesha Wimberly aka Skittles – The Pole Spotlight

Vakiesha Wimberly aka Skittles – The Pole Spotlight

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Vakiesha “SKITTLES” Wimberly is a dynamic pole dance competitor and certified personal trainer. As a national pole dance competitor “SKITTLES” has competed against top international pole dance talent. In these competitions she has come away with the hardware to prove she is a force! She took home the title of 2011’s Miss Pole Vixen Atlanta and most recently won the BadKitty Exotic Wear’s Trix Battle at the International Pole Convention in Palm Beach Florida. “SKITTLES” discovered her love for pole when presented with an opportunity to teach in-home pole parties for women in Atlanta, GA. With no prior pole experience; she quickly learned the ‘pole party basics’ and with her background in fitness instruction found teaching come very natural. This opportunity ignited a new passion and she purchased her own pole within 2 months to play with at home. It was within the same year of learning to do the Fireman Spin; that she decided to dedicate her training to embark upon the professional pole competitor scene. With no pole studios conveniently available north of Atlanta for her to attend; she began an intensive self-training with the aides of YouTube and StudioVeena. Her academic research background kicked in and played a major part in her development of showmanship, movement mechanics, and splits flexibility. With the support of her husband and two children and several daily hours of gym training, pole practice, and research, she made impressive progress. In the year following; she submitted to her first national competition; Polarity East Meets West – Trixpert Division. Her self-developed Athletic and Powerful Pole Tricks based style was noticed. With no background in formal dance or gymnastics, “SKITTLES” placed 3rd; sharing the stage with the same pole idols she’d admired on youtube. She has had the honor of participating in several competitions thereafter and winning her most recent; Miss Pole Vixen Atlanta and Bad Kitty Trix Battle. In addition to teaching Fitness and Athletic based Pole Classes, “SKITTLES” designed and teaches Instructor Certification Courses for Vertical Tease Fitness Studios of North Carolina and is currently becoming a PoleMoves Instructor Certification Master Trainer ( Her goal is to continue to explore the boundless art of pole dance and fitness. She ultimately aspires to travel the world sharing her passion for pole fitness through instruction and performances. 2011 Credentials/Titles: Bad Kitty Trix Battle – Winner Miss Pole Vixen Atlanta – 1st Place Ms Pole Champ US Southeast – 3rd Place 2010 Credentials/Titles: American Pole Fitness Championships – Elite Finalist EMW Polarity Trixpert Division – 3rd Place Press: January 2011, PoleSkivvies Online – Featured Article January 2011, Pole Spin Magazine – Pole Competitor Feature July 2011, Pole Spin Magazine – Pole Artistry Feature Sponsors: Destiny’s Closet Dance Wear Dew Point Pole Websites: Primary Web: Business Web: Youtube: Facebook:]

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