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UPA.tv has been growing since it’s inception.  We love adding new channels and want to be the Netflix of Pole Dancing!  Want to see new channels?  Let us know!  Want to apply to have your own channel?  Apply here.

If you like our channels, let us know!  We love to hear from our viewers, good or bad.  For UPA.tv to be better we need to hear from you.  🙂
StretchIt-TVInterested in getting more flexible? Want to increase your range of motion? Get healthier? Prevent injuries? Have fun and feel good? StretchIt TV brings to you great flexibility video workouts with thousands of great exercises, flows, and easy to follow instructions. Here we combine various disciplines and stretching techniques – from yoga and dance to contortion and acrobatics.

StretchIt TV at www.upa.tv/StretchIt-TV will consist of 10 Seasons (72 classes or 30 hours of video content) to help you meet your flexibility, health, and fitness goals:

• Full Body Stretch for Beginners and Intermediate 
• Lose Weight for Beginners and Intermediate
• Get Your Splits for Beginners and Intermediate
• Bendy Back for Beginners and Intermediate 
• Middle Split Stretch for Beginners and Intermediate
Vertie ChannelWe all know about The Vertitude in California, where some of the countries best pole dancers train at, including the owner, Sergia Louise Anderson.  Now you can train with her and the other Vertie Instructors from the comfort of your home, no matter where in the world you live.  In these classes you will learn how to dance with a prop, master exotic pole, work the floor, get your booty poppin’ and more!



Find the first season of VertieTV on UPA.tv.

Sergia Louise Anderson – Static Liftoff and Orbit
Drusilla Ray – Spin Pole Dynamics
Mary Kolacinski – Dance Meets Pole
Iris Sparrow – Pole Exotic
Veronika Pole – Hips, Butts & Thighs, Oh, My!
• Nadia Sharif – Grounded Flow
Brynn Route – Floor Glory
• Chris Sea – Prop’Ography
• Tiffany Jane – Movement Lab (FREE)
VertieTV Bundle 1
amdtv channelAMD a.k.a. The Queen of Sexy wants you to find your inner sexy and unleash it to the rest of the world.  Not only will she help you tap into your sexy, un-inhibited side, you will learn body movement techniques.  Being sexy isn’t easy, it is a skill.  One that anyone has the ability to take advantage of.  Sometimes you just need some pointers.  Get it all on AMDtv.

Classes include….


• The Joy of Sexy
• Stripped
Stiletto Spins
Standing on the Ceiling
Heel Clack Extravaganza
• Flirty Floor Work
“Madness” by Muse (routine)
• AMDtv Bundle 1