UPA IG Handle: @UPArtists

United Pole Artists Instagram account has grown so much thank to our pole community and the team members from the past and present having worked on it.  At UPA, we support all forms of pole dancing, and it states so very clearly on our profile.  We post kids, pets, doubles, men, men in heels, women, pregnant women and sexy exotic.  We believe that pole is just another form of movement and dancing, and therefore all forms of pole dancing is acceptable, just as dancing for all types of people are acceptable.

Firstly, f you’re an individual and would like be featured as a special request and get to the front of the line on the UPA IG profile, contact us directly to learn how you can be a VIPoler.

Secondly, ff you’re a business or brand and want to do a promotional session on UPA’s IG or you want to form a partnership with us, contact us to request a media kit.

Most of the time, we repost on subjects pertaining to the week.  For example, we’ve had #PolePets week, #PoleArt week and #DoublesWeek.  When there are themed weeks, we do free reposts onupa ig posts pertaining to the theme.  All other posts not on theme would be considered a “Front of the Line” request.  That’s where the VIPoler request will get you bumped up and you won’t have to wait for your themed week to take a chance.  VIPolers get guaranteed posts on UPA’s IG.

All posts automatically post to our Facebook page.  So if you’re on our IG account, you automatically get exposed to our FB profile fans as well.  Double the value!

To ensure that we see your posts daily, use hashtag #UnitedByPole!

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