UPA IG Repost

UPA IG Repost

So, how do you get your UPA IG Repost?  We wanted to tell you straight up so you can be clear on what we look for when reposting for free.  

  • Content must be well lit
  • Content must be clear, not fuzzy at all
  • We are looking for uniqueness (lighting, aesthetic, talent)
  • The shorter it is, the more likely it will get reposted
  • If routine from event, we only will repost up close shots
  • A clean background and space is more likely to get reposted.  
  • If we are running a theme and you have content pertaining to that theme, you have a good chance!  That means pay attention to our themes.  😉
    • Examples of themes in the past
    • Doubles
    • Pets on Poles
    • Poetry in Motion
    • How Pole Has Changed Your Body
  • If you do not want to wait or take a chance, you can message us to get a VIPoler Pass.  <=== Click to learn more. 

DM us @upartists or EMAIL US! 

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