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upa coaching quiz

So you’ve been seeing the UPA Coaching Program but you’re still not sure.  Well, we hear that and want to give you more insight. So, we’ve created this quiz to find out if coaching is something you even need?  Also, what type of coaching are we even talking about?!  This is life coaching, business coaching and career coaching for pole dancers.  This is for those of you looking to level up, to take pole to new heights, to guide you on your journey to where ever it is you’re going.  


Take the quiz to not only find out if this is right for you, but find out what coach would be right for you.  AND, because we LOVE the pole community so much,

4 of our coaches are donating one FREE coaching session to 4 select entries.  

Those coaches are

Marion Crampe

Olga Spezia

Benjamin Cameron Hunt

AM Davies

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