UPA Coaching Program Pricing and Guidelines

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Price: $150.00 for one hour


  • These appointments are meant for verbal coaching sessions to further your pole career.  These are not LIVE private lessons or in person lessons.  Your call is meant to be about how to level up in your pole dance career.    


  • To get started, choose the coach you want based on your needs.  


  • Click the book now button and fill out the form. 


  • Your coach will receive your request and get back to you promptly.


  • The UPA manager will be working behind the scenes to ensure that your message is answered.  If you have not received an answer from your requested coach, contact UPA. 


  • All coaching sessions must be paid for directly to UPA.


  • Once you go through the booking process,  you will be asked to make your payment in order to secure your appointment. 


  • You will have to submit your payment before your appointment.


  • If you do not submit your payment before your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled once you make payment. 


  • If your coach cancels your appointment, you will be refunded.  If your coach re-schedules your appointment, you will not be refunded.  


  • You can reschedule your appointment if need be.  Please do so directly with your coach.


  • If you experience any issues during this process, please reach out to us and explain the situation.  


  • If you want to do pole coaching sessions, we suggest that you send your coach a video file of you dancing so they can watch it and verbally break things down for you.  Not all coaches will be available for this type of coaching.  Please confirm with your coach before booking.  


  • Booking appointments with coaches outside of the UPA Coaching Program Portal is frowned upon.  The coaches know this as a guideline and we expect everyone to use the honor system.  


  • Your calls with your coach are all confidential.  No information regarding your call will be shared unless you and your coach agree to sharing.  We suggest that you put in an email what you’ve agreed to share so there is no confusion.


  • Pay attention to time zones as some coaches either live internationally or travel to different time zones often. 


  • We are here  to assist you during this process.

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