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We love supporting other pole brands as they support us!  This page is our UPA Affiliate hub.  But keep an eye on this page as it is already growing!  One of the things we have heard from a close friend of our’s for years, “All boats must rise together.”  We believe that if we all support each other, we can all become successful in this growing industry.

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UPA Affiliate

123Poling is killing the on-line pole dance tutorial game.

They have mastered their training technique and have some of the best pole dancers in our industry teaching on their site.  The list includes Crystal Belcher, Amy Hazel, Carmine Black, Shaina Cruea, Brandon Grimm, Ashely Fox and so much more!  Click the banner above to learn more, find a full list of instructors and try some trainings for free!

UPA Affiliate
Rubber Banditz

Rubber Banditz is one of a kind.

Their mission is to increase pole dancers strength on the pole when training for the next difficult trick.  These bands help increase confidence too!  Not only can they help reach your pole goals, they will also maximize your flexiness!  Furthermore, they’re pretty cool looking!  Therefore, these are not just your run of the mill rubber straps, these come in all different colors and sizes so you can use them for all different purposes.  Click the banner above to get yours!


Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip has been a supporter of the pole industry from the very beginning. 

They were the first company in our industry to start sponsoring athletes.  There is no doubt that Mighty Grip is the number one go to for grip gloves and other gear to help protect your skin while you train.  Click the banner above to see their entire inventory!


Studio Veena

Studio Veena is a real OG.

If not the actual first, then definitely one of.  Studio Veena has been going online tutorials for over a decade now.  With a large forum, it’s an excellent tool to learn from other polers, especially beginner to intermediate.  There is tons of useful information and conversations with real people who have come across the same hurdles you may have or will in the future.  Click the banner above to check out their site.


UPA Affiliate
BAM Web Services

BAM Web Services was born from the UPA team.

The owners of BAM pride themselves in being honest web “mechanics”.  Much like searching for and finding a trust worthy car mechanic, it’s hard to find a web master that will speak to you in plain english, tell you the truth and find ways to save you money.  BAM works with current clients such as Nadia Sharif and her Twisted Movement brand, Kelly Maglia and has designed all the recent UPA sites, including the SongSeen site and so much more.  BAM does design, SEO, hack cleaning, site building, PhotoShop, social media consulting and more.  If you are a new client and reference UPA, you will receive a 10% discount on your next web work.  Make sure you tell them “UPA sent me!”  Click the banner above to learn more about them and get a quote!

UPA Affiliate

SongSeen… the app created by a poler with polers in mind.

How many times have you been at the studio, or where ever your pole love is, and wanted to film yourself AND play music at the same time?  Well now with SongSeen, you can with only using one device, your lovely phone.  This app is available on both iOS and Android.  It’s so easy to use, which is one of the best parts.  You simply play music, then open SongSeen, then hit record.  Your video will play back exactly how you filmed it.  There are no time restrictions (lack of phone storage will affect your video length) and you can upload your video file anywhere you choose!
Click the banner to find links to the store of your choice!

Note: using blue tooth devices will affect the audio. This is a hardware issue on the phone itself that cannot be altered.  For the best audio use an AUX cord.

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