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YouTube, online pole studios, DVD’s, all phenomenal tools in making us all better, stronger Pole Dancers. I use all of these technologies to train, but I find nothing compares to training with a group or a partner. It must, of course, be the right group and the right partner. The stars must align just right and bring together that group of like-minded women who will shoulder mount, leg hook and invert, running back and forth to the computer, slowing down YouTube videos to a crawl, “Ok, her hand slide down just little as she turned” then back to the pole to try it once again. Those groups of women, who, when in class, will stop, watch, and with genuine concern and interest, tell you to try moving your hand just a bit more and square up to the pole. The group that will cheer and clap loudly when you get into the move, yelling “Do it again!” This is an incredible group to be cherished and held close to heart, a Mighty Group, as one of my students call us at Embody. Finding the ideal training partner or group of women can accelerate your training enormously, moving you forward, inspiring you, and opening you to ideas. Feedback, nothing compares, “How did that look?” “Where can I go from there?” I’ve found having someone to bounce ideas off has been pivotal in my growth as a dancer. Having women to enjoy the pleasure (and pain) that goes along with pole training is invaluable, not only is it more fun, but you’ll also work harder. A little competition never hurt anyone! Another advantage is accountability. How easy are excuses to make? I make them all the time, too busy, too tired, so much work to do, suddenly I have to dust off my DVD’s. When you have a date and people you’re meeting, you HAVE to go, and they’re counting on you. I think the biggest advantage is the camaraderie, the feeling of being part of something amazing, part of a group of women who are fabulous, caring and understand why you’ll shoulder mount over and over until the skin is gone, who “get” what Pole Dancing is. Diana Boyle owner of Embody Pole Fitness, in Corona, CA. Finding inspiration from the amazing people around her continues an ongoing series of articles exploring the empowerment of modern women. Amateur writer, part time IT professional, three quarter time pole dancing diva and full time mom she give her thoughts (in no particular order) about what is great about being a woman today…


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