Pole Dancers School Anti Abuse Organizations How Not To Abuse

Over the last 48 hours, the pole industry has been shocked and disgusted by: A.) a meme featuring pole star Marlo Fisken stating that ‘pole dancing is an action to normalize men’s violence against woman.’ B.) a statement by the London Abused Woman’s Centre supporting this claim. If you missed these posts here they are:   Upon
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Developing Your Own Style

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What sort of dancer are you? Do you have a recognizable style? I do—and it’s not what most people expect from me. In my life off the studio floor, I am (mostly) upbeat and energetic. Some have referred to me as “perky.” You might expect me to dance to up-tempo music–something quick–and to move accordingly.
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To Shoe Or Not To Shoe

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THOSE PLATFORMS THO If you know me, even a little, you know I have a serious thing for platform shoes (AKA “stripper shoes”). You can get them in low platforms, mid, or sky-high if you want. Lots of dancers fear wearing them because they look like they’d be completely impossible to dance in. You might
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Head over Heels

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Written by: Erin O’Brien It is safe to say that I love heels, all heels, but especially pole heels; in fact, Santa brought me a pair of chrome 7 inch heels two christmases ago and received a very special thank you for his thoughtfulness (who am I kidding, I left post-it notes in my husband’s
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Creating combinations=problem-solving Anyone who pole dances knows that it’s not about the tricks you can do, but how you incorporate them into a dance. And that, my friends, means you need to work on combination building. The Accidental Transition. For me, ideas for transitions have often come from necessity. I get pretzeled up in a
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It’s about to get SPINNY in here! Since my last post was focused on spin pole basics, I figured I might as well follow up with some more spin pole goodness. Here are some of my best tips! A spin mode golden rule: when working on spin mode, you MUST think ahead! 1) The direction
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Written by: Neola Wilby “It becomes an obsession!” I’ve used that sentence so many times in conversations with beginner polers. And I mean it in a good way: that “obsession” converts to commitment and dedication which eventually = pole progress. But at the same time, channelling that enthusiasm and walking the line between bossing it
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Spin pole basics — what you *need* to know

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Spin pole basics — what you *need* to know This is a follow on to last weeks post about conditioning exercises for spin pole. Golden Rules of Spin Pole –Body and appendages close to pole=fast, away from pole=less fast. This is THE #1 spin pole rule. It can save you from barfalicious moments. It can
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Spin It To Win It – Three Great Spin Pole Conditioning Exercises

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Spin Pole=WHEEEEEE! Hopping on a spinny pole is kind of like an awesome carnival ride. It’s SUPER FUN. Spin Pole-WHEW! Hopping on a spinny pole can also be EXHAUSTING if your body isn’t conditioned for it. Strike a Pose One of the cool things about spinny pole is that you can get into a pretty
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I gave it up for pole I write a lot about all the positives and benefits to be found in the art of pole dancing, and it’s true. There are so many incredibly cool things that come with the territory. But it’s time to write about the “other” stuff. The sacrifices. The things we give
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