How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Written by: Katie Burkard When a new year starts, most people vow to do things differently. One of the most common resolutions is to strive to be fit to lead a healthy life. They, therefore, sign up for gym memberships. The most challenging thing about working out is the ability to keep yourself motivated so
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OG Trickin’ — the chopper

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Say hello to the helicopter/chopper/inverted V/inverted straddle The chopper is the hobgoblin of many a poler. I struggled with it for a long time before I built the strength to go into it with control and hold myself there. A basic that’s not so basic First and foremost, bear in mind that this is not
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Whose Move Is It, Anyway? Simultaneous invention of pole moves

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Badassery Everywhere! Who doesn’t love seeing cool movement? Crazy tricks? Cool movement combined with crazy tricks? It’s natural that when we see amazing things done by amazing dancers, we want to share it. Giving Credit Where Due When we do share cool stuff, from time to time someone will mention that we “should have credited
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The Pros and Cons of Poling Alone

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Written by: Erin O’Brien   One of my favourite places in the world is the studio where I train and some of my favourite people in the world are the women I train with there. Many a practice session is filled with mishaps and mayhem (for me at least…) but there is always encouragement, support,
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#WCW — a love letter

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I have so many WCWs–-the result of watching many, many hours of youtube. Some dancers inspire me because of their fearlessness. Others because they’re so danged BENDY! Then there are those with otherworldly flow. Or creativity that drives me to pause, replay, pause, replay, pause, replay. Some have a fun club style that I love.
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From Pointe to Pole, A Dancer’s Journey – Love In Unlikely Places

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Written By: Lindsey Teall aka Lin Tutu   Someone from my past once told me, “when you least expect it, you will find love in the most unlikely of places.” Sounds like a load of crap, right? Well I can tell you this — It’s not.  When I first met Jake, I was only concerned
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Get the most from workshops or private lessons

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ZOMG [insert polebrity name here IS COMING TO MY HOME STUDIO TO TEACH The excitement of getting the chance to work with your favorite poler . . . may quickly be followed by the fear that you won’t be up to the task. Never fear! Here are a few things I’ve learned taking workshops and/or
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Flow, Fluidity, and Finding Yourself

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Feeling like a spider on skates? You’re not alone. Most new(er) dancers — including me, when I’d just started out — ask this question (in fact, I continually ask myself this question) at some point: how can I become more fluid? Me: the perpetually awkward dancer I remember watching some of the greats and thinking
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How to dance for someone else without losing your sh*t

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A TERRIFYING REQUEST.“OMG. So-and-so wants me to dance for him/her and I would love to do it, but I’m 100% freaked out. I can’t do it! I can’t!” Of course you can.What you’re really saying is that you’re worried it won’t have the desired effect (i.e., he/she won’t charge forth, sweep you off the pole,
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Pole Spotlight: Terri Fierce (Ireland)

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Written by: Erin O’Brien The name Terri Fierce is well known around the pole world and rightfully so – not only are her achievements as both a solo performer and as part of the powerful pairing with Lisette Krol astounding and monumental, they have ignited a nation and continue to inspire Irish pole dancers and
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