How to Prevent Sore Wrists in Pole Dancing – You Need These In Your Life!

Injuries are the bane of all athletes. For pole dancers, wrist pain is one of the most common injuries and it can hamper their progress. This can be avoided if you have more knowledge about the injury and you’re aware of the ways to lessen its occurrence. As you read on, you’ll learn more about
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Outdoor Pole in Canada

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This year Canada celebrates its 150th birthday!  What better way to celebrate than to enjoy the great outdoors.  It may be snowy in the winter but, once summer is here, Canadian polers waste no time taking their poles outside. Of course, outdoor pole makes for some amazing photos! Here are some Canadian polers doing what
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Interview with Fran Mackenzie of VerticaLove

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Beardy McPoler here, with a story/interview that will warm the hearts of any poler, regardless of their background. Fran Mackenzie created VerticaLove 5 years ago as a pole event for every poler, all-inclusive, regardless of background or studio affiliation. Think of it as a weekend in “pole Switzerland”, but in Ontario Canada, near Toronto. Lucky
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El Pole Dance – Empodera o Denigra a la Mujer

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By: Nina Zamora   “Si se viste así se está faltando el respeto ella sola…cómo espera que la respeten los demás?” “Si baila y se mueve de esa manera tan provocadora seguro se la está buscando.” Qué común es escuchar frases como éstas, y qué triste que la mayoría de las personas concuerde con ese
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Canadian Polers to Watch

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The pole community in Canada is growing rapidly and has introduced some incredible athletes to the international pole community. Artists such as Tara Meyer and Jazzy Alix have already captivated audiences around the world. Here are some Canadian polers on the rise that are making a name for themselves both in Canada and globally. Libby
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Happy Father’s Day Poler Dads

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Listed by Desire LM Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s and especially to these amazing Poler Dads! Let’s celebrate these awesome dudes that are dads, that set a wonderful example for all other male polers and for their children. They remind us that anyone can pole in any way that they want!   Chris Measday
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It recently came to our attention that there is false and misleading pole dance information going around the mainstream media outlets on-line.  As the news, UPA has taken the time to attempt to set the record straight.  But we wanted you to be aware of what they are now saying.  And, oh yeah, furthermore, they
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FLOORSOME – Why Floorwork is Awesome

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Written By: Bexiita Ackland We love pole. Fact. We are United Pole Artists, so it kinda goes with the territory. But there is so much more to “Pole Dancing” than just – well – dancing with a pole. The pole is just the 45mm bit in the middle. But look at all that space around it!
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Marion Crampe Performs at The Women’s Jail of Barcelona

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  Marion Crampe “Last Tuesday I was invited to the Women’s Jail of Barcelona. I shared a dance and we exchanged words for a moment. Their enthusiasm and questions towards pole, dance, passion and Life in general really touched me. Like a little parenthesis in a very organized routine, I’m honored they took the time to
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Fitness Trends You Need to Try in 2017

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Written by: Erin O’Brien Her.ie, a popular digital publication geared towards Irish women, has written an article discussing alternative fitness options to help women get fit in the new year. Prominent in the list is Pole Dancing and is described as “a great way to exercise with friends and boost your body confidence”. It is
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