OG Trickin’ — the chopper

OG Trickin’ — the chopper

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Say hello to the helicopter/chopper/inverted V/inverted straddle The chopper is the hobgoblin of many a poler. I struggled with it for a long time before I built the strength to go into it with control and hold myself there. A basic that’s not so basic First and foremost, bear in mind that this is not
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Whose Move Is It, Anyway? Simultaneous invention of pole moves

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Badassery Everywhere! Who doesn’t love seeing cool movement? Crazy tricks? Cool movement combined with crazy tricks? It’s natural that when we see amazing things done by amazing dancers, we want to share it. Giving Credit Where Due When we do share cool stuff, from time to time someone will mention that we “should have credited
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#WCW — a love letter

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I have so many WCWs–-the result of watching many, many hours of youtube. Some dancers inspire me because of their fearlessness. Others because they’re so danged BENDY! Then there are those with otherworldly flow. Or creativity that drives me to pause, replay, pause, replay, pause, replay. Some have a fun club style that I love.
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Get the most from workshops or private lessons

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ZOMG [insert polebrity name here IS COMING TO MY HOME STUDIO TO TEACH The excitement of getting the chance to work with your favorite poler . . . may quickly be followed by the fear that you won’t be up to the task. Never fear! Here are a few things I’ve learned taking workshops and/or
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Flow, Fluidity, and Finding Yourself

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Feeling like a spider on skates? You’re not alone. Most new(er) dancers — including me, when I’d just started out — ask this question (in fact, I continually ask myself this question) at some point: how can I become more fluid? Me: the perpetually awkward dancer I remember watching some of the greats and thinking
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How to dance for someone else without losing your sh*t

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A TERRIFYING REQUEST.“OMG. So-and-so wants me to dance for him/her and I would love to do it, but I’m 100% freaked out. I can’t do it! I can’t!” Of course you can.What you’re really saying is that you’re worried it won’t have the desired effect (i.e., he/she won’t charge forth, sweep you off the pole,
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Developing Your Own Style

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What sort of dancer are you? Do you have a recognizable style? I do—and it’s not what most people expect from me. In my life off the studio floor, I am (mostly) upbeat and energetic. Some have referred to me as “perky.” You might expect me to dance to up-tempo music–something quick–and to move accordingly.
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To Shoe Or Not To Shoe

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THOSE PLATFORMS THO If you know me, even a little, you know I have a serious thing for platform shoes (AKA “stripper shoes”). You can get them in low platforms, mid, or sky-high if you want. Lots of dancers fear wearing them because they look like they’d be completely impossible to dance in. You might
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Why is it so difficult to find the physical beauty in ourselves? Inner Beauty When you ask a person what they like about themselves, the answers usually center on inner beauty. I am a great mom/dad, I am smart, I am a hard worker, etc. And I think inner beauty is fantastic–-it’s who we are,
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Creating combinations=problem-solving Anyone who pole dances knows that it’s not about the tricks you can do, but how you incorporate them into a dance. And that, my friends, means you need to work on combination building. The Accidental Transition. For me, ideas for transitions have often come from necessity. I get pretzeled up in a
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