OG Trickin’ — the chopper

OG Trickin’ — the chopper

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Say hello to the helicopter/chopper/inverted V/inverted straddle The chopper is the hobgoblin of many a poler. I struggled with it for a long time before I built the strength to go into it with control and hold myself there. A basic that’s not so basic First and foremost, bear in mind that this is not
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Get the most from workshops or private lessons

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ZOMG [insert polebrity name here IS COMING TO MY HOME STUDIO TO TEACH The excitement of getting the chance to work with your favorite poler . . . may quickly be followed by the fear that you won’t be up to the task. Never fear! Here are a few things I’ve learned taking workshops and/or
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It’s about to get SPINNY in here! Since my last post was focused on spin pole basics, I figured I might as well follow up with some more spin pole goodness. Here are some of my best tips! A spin mode golden rule: when working on spin mode, you MUST think ahead! 1) The direction
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Spin It To Win It – Three Great Spin Pole Conditioning Exercises

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Spin Pole=WHEEEEEE! Hopping on a spinny pole is kind of like an awesome carnival ride. It’s SUPER FUN. Spin Pole-WHEW! Hopping on a spinny pole can also be EXHAUSTING if your body isn’t conditioned for it. Strike a Pose One of the cool things about spinny pole is that you can get into a pretty
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“Freestyling ain’t no trick, and it sure ain’t no pole basic“ I know what you’re thinking. Pffffft. How can you call freestyling a pole basic? It isn’t a trick. It’s just dancing …. isn’t it? And the answer is: nope. Freestyling, that is to say gaining the ability to “just dance” and then doing so,
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Pole Basics: Amazing Outside Leg Hangs

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The Intermediate Poler Blues Intermediate pole dancers often seem to get frustrated because they feel like they “can’t do anything.” What they mean is they can’t fonji, or iron X, or do a flawless flag deadlift into a janeiro. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: “I can’t do anything” couldn’t be
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Handstand Hints

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Handstands are awesome. First, they look really cool and you can make beautiful shapes while in one — case in point, the amazeballs Nadia Sharif in our main image. Second, they are great emergency exits from inverted moves. If you can comfortably hold yourself in a handstand, you can slide down into one and hold
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Pole Basics: LEG HANGS Note: these videos are NOT intended to be a substitute for hands-on instruction. They represent a safe way to work on basic inverted positions BEFORE you are ready to try them in the air. If you do not feel secure in these positions while lying on the floor, do NOT try
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The post heard around the pole world A couple of years ago Irmingard Mayer published a post asking instructors why they allow students to kick into inversions. It turned out to be a controversial topic, though I’m not exactly sure why. I subsequently wrote a post with some tips for telling whether you’re getting good
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Five Pole Rules To Stop Breaking RIGHT NOW

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There are as many ideas of how to train for pole as there are people training for pole. None of them are necessarily 100% right, and none of them are necessarily 100% wrong. BUT … there are a few hard-and-fast pole rules that get broken a lot, for no good reason. Here they are, in
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