Suwasit Flies Through Life – Literally

Suwasit Flies Through Life – Literally

Suwasit Flies Through Life – Literally

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It has probably come to your attention that our adorable Las Vegas-based pole dancer and aerialist, Suwasit, has subtly altered his public profile – with his new hashtags quickly catching on. #suwasitfly and #flyingthroughlife looks to be trending in our social media, and especially more so because our captivating Suwasit Fly has made a hugely successful start on his second international tour, the “Flying Through Life” Tour in Australia. The first was to Costa Rica, so not this far from home! Organised and managed through Suwasit’s loyal agent, Kristy Craig, who is co-founder and owner of Poles on Tour, Suwasit is currently visiting the Aussie cities of Brisbane and Sydney for a couple of sold-out workshops. Judging by his social media posts (instagram and facebook), he looks to be having a ball with his Aussie fans, as well as meeting some new (furry) friends at the Koala Sanctuary.

Suwasit's new BFF
Suwasit’s new BFF
According to Kristy, next up for Suwasit with regards to his new-found love (international touring –or rather more appropriately, flying) is his Europe Tour in late March/early April with studios in Austria, Switzerland and Italy already confirmed. All interested studios in Europe are requested to contact his Tour Manager from Poles on Tour, Kristy Craig – She suggests they get in quickly though because Suwasit is proving to be a bit of an international sensation and bookings are filling up unexpectedly fast.   This enamouring artist seems to perform and present himself in a class entirely of his own, with a result that is both sensual and dynamic.   Suwasit Ritthipon was born in Thailand but moved to the US in 1989 and Las Vegas adopted, cultivated and nurtured him. Now Suwasit Fly is indeed part of Sin City’s remarkable landscape, a true Vegas icon as the Strip’s first male pole dancer, as well as the reader’s choice ‘Vegas Sexiest Butt 2012’ for QVegas Magazine. Swuasit4 Suwasit was already a professional dancer and aerialist when he was introduced to pole by one of his best friends, none other than the sensational Jenyne Butterfly. At the time, he was performing in various productions including Splash! at the Riviera Hotel and Azure, an Underwater Show at Silverton Hotel, specialising in aerial tissu and boylesque, when Jenyne suggested he give pole a go – she thought he might enjoy it and pick it up relatively quickly due to his dance and aerial background. That was back in 2010, and neither Jenyne nor Suwasit could have imagined the level at which Suwasit would excel in pole, nor how his own unique, sensual approach to this dance style would inspire thousands around the World.   Now with a host of impressive titles behind him, including 2014 PARAGON INTERNATIONAL POLE DANCE CHAMPION; 2014 Pacific Pole Championship Silver Medalist; 2013 and 2012 National Aerial Pole Art Silver Medalist; and 2012 American Pole Fitness Silver Medalist to name just a few, Suwasit is indeed living his dream – conducting international tours.  
Suwasit's Brisbane workshop participants
Suwasit’s Brisbane workshop participants
“Touring around the country and the World instructing workshops has always been a dream of mine, because I love meeting new people and sharing my passion for pole. This year, thanks to Poles on Tour, it has become a reality for me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with the pole industry who live outside of Las Vegas.”       IMPORTANT NOTE: Suwasit is presented in a sensational 4 page feature of Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine, Issue 2. The Magazine is no longer in print (digital only) so the remaining few hard copies are collector’s items. For your COLLECTOR copy of Issue 2, featuring Suwasit, please see below: Purchase from: UK and mainland Europe – Australia and Asia Pacific – USA – All other countries:
Front Cover of Issue 2,  Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine, featuring Suwasit
Front Cover of Issue 2, Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine, featuring Suwasit


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