Speak to Me: a Pole Benefit for Autism

Speak to Me: a Pole Benefit for Autism

Speak to Me: a Pole Benefit for Autism

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Last weekend, UPA Ambassador Michelle Heller attended Speak to Me: a Pole Event for Autism.  This was the event’s second year in action!

Read what Nina Rose, organizer of Speak to Me had to say about the event.

“STM2016 is still taking donations until April 9th and will then make a large one time bulk donation. This year, STM2016 had over 100 attendees and we are currently at a little over $2800 raised to go to the National Autism Association!

This year was definitely a learning year, as we tried a few different tactics, but I feel next year we will come bigger, better and stronger. In combining the success of last year with this year, STM has been able to donate over $6000 to aid research, anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and help for caregivers, teachers, and municipal workers to understand and better protect our individuals with autism.

It truly is through the generosity of others that makes the event a success. So many people gave their time and talent to the event – performers, staff, and volunteers alike. I have tried to generate a culture of family with the event. I refer to everyone as a part of the STM family and if someone is having difficulty I ask for them to help out their fellow sister or brother. The event exists a way to build one another up, educate, and generate community.

STM has the performances, raffles, and a dance party afterwards so there is something for everyone!
To visit the STM site and take donations, click ==============>




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