Remedies for Pole Dance Injuries

Remedies for Pole Dance Injuries

Remedies for Pole Dance Injuries

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After recently injuring myself pole dancing I started reviewing all the methods of healing I have used over the past four years. And they are a lot! The most sound advice I can offer is not too exciting and some that I don’t always follow myself. Use preventative care….eat well, properly warm-up/cool down, rest and most importantly do not train if you’re injured. I have included below a list of my standard remedies for pole pain. Please keep in mind I am not a medical professional and all information below is merely a guideline. See your doctor if you have an injury you’re worried about.

The Injury: A variety.
What it Does: Solid needles are placed on specific points of the body to correct imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians.
Where to Find it: Acupuncture practitioners can be found anywhere. I recommend going through a friend or trusted source for a referral.
My Review: Some people question the benefits of acupuncture. I’m not sure of its healing capabilities but I know after a session I feel extremely relaxed. I have had instances where I had a negative reaction to the needles such as rashes or sharp pains. I have also experienced great benefits from it. If it’s your first time, you should let the acupuncturist know so they can slowly walk you through the procedure.

The Injury: Minor sprains and bruises.
What it Does: Reduces swelling and pain.
Where to Find it: Most drugstores carry it. Some people prefer the cream over the gel but I like both. If you look online there are also arnica bath salts that sound lovely!
My Review: This is a natural and effective way to reduce pain and swelling.

Epsom Salt
The Injury: Minor bruises and sprains.
What it Does: Has a variety of uses, but is most pole dancers use it to relieve pain.
Where to Find it: Most any drugstore will carry this.
My Review: This is my favorite method of pain alleviation. Soaking for 20 minutes in it relieves my pain, diminishes the injury and also is calming. I usually opt for a lavendar scented version.

Icy Hot Patches
The Injury: Minor sprains, muscle strain, backache.
What it Does: The menthol in it acts as a topical pain reliever.
Where to Find it: Drugstore.
My Review: I use these patches when I have localized pain, usually on my back.

Tiger Balm
The Injury: Muscular pain.
What it Does: Combination of Menthol and essential oils relieves pain.
Where to Find it: Drugstore.
My Review: This cream creates a similar effect to Icy Hot patches but is messier. I use it when I don’t have Icy Hot patches.

The Injury: Muscular and joint pain.
What it Does: Contains arnica as well as other natural ingredients to relieve pain from muscle aches, injuries and sprains.
Where to Find it: Drugstore or health food store.
My Review: This wasn’t as effective as other methods for me. I’ve tried this form both topical and in pills.

What are your tried and true methods. Pole’r Bears? I know there are some I left out!….



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