Making Our Goals Happen in 2013

Making Our Goals Happen in 2013

Making Our Goals Happen in 2013

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Looking through my Facebook newsfeed today I noticed a common theme of rebirth and renewal in my friend’s status updates. Considering it’s New Year’s Eve, and a fresh start awaits us when we wake up tomorrow morning, this may not come as a surprise to most. There is something in the human spirit that motivates us to keep trying in the face of insurmountable odds.

Some people posted how eager they were to see 2012 come to a close. They had lost loved ones, relationships or jobs. Others recalled major milestones and high achievements of the year. Still, there was a common theme on both sides of looking forward into the future and moving ahead.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to take class with Amy Guion who happened to be in town and subbing for Michelle Stanek at Body and Pole. It would be my last class of 2012. Amy taught us a series of combinations that were new to me and challenged my body in an entirely foreign way. We were working on a Jade variation with an elbow brace and side torso grip. In short, painful. There were plenty of “ows” to be heard throughout the studio.

As Amy came around and worked with us on executing the trick, she likened it to the pain we might have felt when we first started climbing. That is a pain I will never forget. The skin on the tops of my poor feet had completely rubbed off to expose raw flesh underneath. If that baby poler could have seen herself roughly four years later, she would be amazed.

I bring up this example because so often this time of year we make promises to ourselves that we can’t keep. It may be to lose a certain amount of weight or master a new trick. The thought makes us excited initially, but when we can’t achieve our desired goal three weeks into the new year, we give up.

Aerial Amy posted a great video illustrating this point today. It was of one of her goals from 2012, being able to perform 10 pull-ups in a row. She encouraged viewers to “focus on incremental progress rather than huge milestones.” Let’s try this new approach in 2013 to help us achieve goals both on and off the pole. Let’s find beauty in the process building towards a goal rather than solely on the end result.

This morning I read an inspirational story about a man who talked a young, pregnant teen out of committing suicide. She felt unloved and hopeless. Sometimes love can come from unexpected places, and for this girl on that day it was from a stranger who gave her a reason to try again.

So here’s to trying today and every day. Life knocks us down and we get back up. I wish everyone only the best in 2013. But more than anything, I wish for you to never lose the spirit of hope!



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