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After years of being in the pole world and learning many things from even the most obscure corners of the pole world, I created a website to help me utilize my experience for the sake of others in the pole world.
I created PoleTech to be a central hub for my specific fortés in the pole world, including a pole studio map, pole events, links to pole companies, and allowing pole studios or pole events or polers in general to book a consultation for their existing or upcoming pole related needs.
I have attended 80+ pole events, often working the event in one way or another.
I have visited 75+ pole studios, which vary in so many different ways.
I have installed poles in studios and clubs and homes and even a multi-car garage.
I have assisted pole companies at pole events, including setting up state-of-the-art trusses and dozens of stage poles.
I would love to help as many people as possible, saving them from learning the hard way when possible.
Please let me see if I can be useful to your area of the pole world.

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