Poler’s Choice Awards 2013

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Your 2013 Poler’s Choice Awards Winners:

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#2 Michelle Shimmy

Michelle Shimmy Stage Name: Shimmy
Country: Australia

Shimmy is a Sydney-based pole dancer and pole instructor. She is a co-owner of the Pole Dance Academy, in Bondi, Australia. Shimmy is passionate […]

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#3 Karry Summers

IMG_9578 Country: New Zealand

In her fours years of pole dancing Karry has competed in competitions all around the world. Placing 2nd in the Pole World Cup 2012, […]

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#4 Marlo Fisken

49f85a2c6bff6c227bdca8f2536d4831 Stage Name: Marlo
Country: USA

Marlo, the 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion, and 2011 Aerial Pole International Champion, has 24 years of dance training, and is a Wilhelmina Fitness […]

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#8 Greta Pontarelli

GretaPontarelli8x10m Stage Name: Greta Pontarelli
Country: USA

2013 IPSF World Pole Sports 50+ Champion, London 2013 International Pole Competition (IPC) Masters Finalist, Singapore 2013 Pacific Pole Competition Masters Champion 2013 Pacific […]

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#9 Pantera Blacksmith

20120519-133515_ Country: USA

World’s Most Famous Pole Dancer™ Pole Tricks 101 DVD 2002 National Pole Antics Champion 2005 World Champion – Finals 2009 Worlds Best Pole Tricker […]

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#10 Michelle Stanek

image Country: USA

Michelle Stanek is the 2012 USPDF champion. She lives in New York City, teaches at Body & Pole and is co-creator of the elevatED […]

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#11 Alessandra Telles

alessandra telles Stage Name: Alessandra Telles
Country: Brazil

Alessandra Telles is owner and instructor at Escola Internacional de Pole Dance (São Paulo-Brazil).Train pole dance almost seven years and today has one of […]

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#12 Alex Shchukin

Alex1 Country: Ukraine

World Champion 2013 (London) Mr Pole Dance Word 2013 winner (Sydney) APFC 2013 winner (Australia) 2nd Pole Dance Cup 2013 (Warsaw) 3rd World Pole […]

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#13 Sarah Scott

image Country: uk

Sarah has been Pole Performing and Instructing for the last 5 years. Over the last year she has entered different competitions and has won […]

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#15 Julie Brand

_DSC4441-Edit Stage Name: Veena
Country: United States

Veena is a pole pioneer. She is an amazing pole dancer, business owner and mother of four. She encourages other pole dancers to find […]

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#18 Liz M.

564118_300611530035646_1080059422_n Stage Name: Liz M.
Country: USA

Pole Instructor at Romance & Dance Polesque 2012 L.A. finalist Spinners Ball 2012- 2nd Place Winner Pole to Pole Cup USA 2012 competitor X-Pert […]

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#20 Rebecca Starr

3613_4325399287398_2085502126_n Country: USA

Rebecca Starr is a professional Circus Aerialist and Pole Acrobat. She comes from a background in Circus Arts and Gymnastics and is the 2010 […]

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#21 Kenneth Kao

966726_10101521427518953_1154367366_o Country: USA

Ken is the second-place winner of the 2013 Pole Expo Pole Classic Competition and the recipient of the People’s Choice Award. He is best […]

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#22 Jennifer Wilkins

1450960_577467642301384_959989225_n Country: USA

Jennifer Wilkins has been instructing and performing pole for over 9 years. Over the years her program has evolved into an entirely new way […]

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#23 Danielle Romano

danielle-romano-lo-rez Country: USA

Danielle “Dani” Romano, quickly becoming known as “The Pole Actor”, is the 2013 US National Pole Championship Silver Medalist, and winner of both the […]

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#25 Justine McLucas

Arabesque - original (6x4 edit) Country: UK

Justine started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, jazz, contemporary and singing throughout her childhood. With Honours in her RAD Advanced […]

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#26 Heather West

LusciousMaven_HeatherWest_LegHang Stage Name: Heather West
Country: USA

1st place winner in Dramatic Level 3 at USNPC 2013. Competitor in the California Pole Dance Championship 2013. Studio Owner and Selfless Teacher at […]

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#27 Michelle Mynx

1044224_729730913719435_581889526_n Stage Name: Michelle Mynx
Country: USA

Michelle Mynx is best known as half of the acclaimed acrobatic pole dancing duo Gravity Plays Favorites. This sensational duo has performed both nationally […]

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#28 Philip Deal

photo-35 Country: USA

Philip began Pole Dancing when he was a featured dancer in North Carolina at Chasers Bar, Charlotte’s only all male nude review. Now he […]

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#29 Karol Helms

Karol Helms Country: USA

Karol Helms holds the following titles: USPDF 2012 Pro 3rd Place USPDF 2010 Pro Miss Sexy USPDF 2009 East Coast Champion

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