Breaking it Down- Pole Fitness Instructor Training Programs

Breaking it Down- Pole Fitness Instructor Training Programs

Breaking it Down- Pole Fitness Instructor Training Programs

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            Pole dancing is growing in popularity every day. It seems everyone wants to lead in setting industry standards. But with so many voices, who deserves to be heard? I ask myself this question regarding where I should train, what shows I should participate in, what competitions I should enter and quite importantly…. where I should receive industry certifications.
            This desire to find quality in a sea of options led me to an idea. What if I could research as many pole instructor trainings as possible and compare them all? The task proved to be daunting. Not far into my project I discovered I could research for years and not cover all the trainings that exist. There are almost as many training programs as there are pole studios.
            The analysis below is not meant to review, endorse or critique any particular program. I simply wish to provide the facts and let the readers decide which, if any, program is best for them. The details I included for each program are minimal. Details that could not be publicly accessed, I left blank. Further information can be found through links to each program’s website which are listed at the bottom of this post. 

 Some Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Considering Becoming Certified in Pole Fitness
-Who runs the program? What is their background in pole fitness?

-Are the program’s founders prominently featured on the website?

-Is the program accredited or endorsed by respected* fitness and pole organizations?

-Are there reviews from past participants on the website?

-What is the ratio of course material to hours of training to price?

-Are the course objectives clearly outlined?

-Is the website itself confusing or inclusive of improper grammar and spelling errors?

-Is a studio mandating you complete a specific training program prior to employment?

-Does a respected figure you know (and trust) personally endorse this program?

Abbreviations glossary:
REP-Register of Exercise
ACE- American Council on Exercise
AFAA- Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
PDC- Pole Dance Community
PFA-Pole Fitness Association

More Pole Fitness Teacher Training Programs:
Liquid Motion

*What constitutes a respectable organization may vary for the individual. Just as you research a pole fitness training program, you should research the organizations a particular program may associate itself with. 



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