Pole Convention 2013

Pole Convention 2013

Pole Convention 2013

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The 4th annual International Pole Convention was held in West Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend. It was a chance for pole dancers from around the world come together, learn new techniques, perform and see the latest the pole industry has to offer. Vendors ranged from community veterans such as Bad Kitty and X-Pole to companies such as pain relief and natural beauty products that are learning the value in marketing to pole dancers.

Many local media outlets covered the event such as NBC, CBS and The Sun Sentinel. It goes without saying that the stigma attached to pole dancing is still very present. But with that judgement comes curiosity and intrigue. Many of the convention center employees were gushing about how this athletic art form we know and love was the most incredible thing they had ever seen.

There were clear contrasts in style throughout the dozens of performers at the three-day event. There was Sarah Jade who performed a sexy routine with red shoes and seductive floor work. There was Oona Kivela who stunned the crowd with her precision and signature strength moves. And there was Danielle Romano, who brought back her winning Atlantic Pole Championship routine that was uniquely artistic and scared the hell out of the audience!

The Bad Kitty Fashion Show was the main event of Saturday and hosted by pole legend Fawnia Dietrich. It was a show full of star performances by Karol Helms, Mina Mortezaie and Nadia Shariff. The event was not without snafus. Charlee Wagner was injured with a muscle strain during her performance that caused her to be physically incapable of completing her routine. She was thankfully not badly injured and able to teach her workshops the following day. Other pole stars in attendance were Natasha Wang, Alethea Austin, Michelle Stanek and Marlo Fisken to name a few.

To many in attendance, the event represented the growth of pole dancing since its transition into the mainstream several years ago. Its reach is expanding and its diversity within the community itself is expanding as well. Jessalyn Medairy who founded the convention said in an interview, “If you’ve never tried this before you can get in here and come in and do it. Any age, any size any type person, guy or girl.” The passion so many attendees, pole stars and pole businesses had was inspiring to see. This is not a fitness craze that will see its popularity soon fade. Pole dancing is here to stay.

To watch the MFEO.tv free live stream of Pole Con 2013 click here!

Kyra Johannessen of Body and Pole

Alethea Austin of The Chrome Bar

Fly Gym

Convention attendee gets a massage at a vendor booth

Convention attendee tries out the cube apparatus.

Fawnia Dietrich

Laura Ashton of Pole Dance Jewellery

Amy Guion of Pole Spot Organization

Main stage show with Crystal Belcher and Sharhonda Shay Jones as hosts

Samantha Star and Michelle Natoli

Karol Helms

Vertical Joe’s Booty Clap workshop

Derick Pierson street poling outside the convention center



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