Outdoor Pole in Canada

This year Canada celebrates its 150th birthday!  What better way to celebrate than to enjoy the great outdoors.  It may be snowy in the winter but, once summer is here, Canadian polers waste no time taking their poles outside. Of course, outdoor pole makes for some amazing photos! Here are some Canadian polers doing what they love in some of their favourite places.

Outdoor Pole in Canada@tantrafitness



Outdoor Pole in Canada@keeks_pole

Photo by @poleshark.poleography



Outdoor Pole in Canada@chrissyj1329

Photo by @gmacleanfotos



Outdoor Pole in Canada@poga.li



Outdoor Pole in Canada@ladyjane_dance





Outdoor Pole in Canada@suzy_giannakopoulos



Outdoor Pole in Canada@anneke.russell



Outdoor Pole in Canada@brassvixens



Outdoor Pole in Canada@juleclair



Outdoor Pole in Canada@steph.ott


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List Compiled by:  Lauren Sarah


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