Just Pole? Part 1

Just Pole? Part 1

Just Pole? Part 1

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Written by Diana Boyle My measure of growth is against myself, where I was last week, last month, last year. Sometimes it’s difficult to see that growth, as it comes to you in tiny little packages. I realized that my growth in pole dancing wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Not that I wasn’t learning as fast as I wanted, although that was part of it. It was more a lack of understanding the movement of my own body. So I began a quest, a quest to understand how my body wanted to move and balance, to provide myself with more “tools” allowing me to move the way I wanted to. This two part blog tells the story of my quest for beauty in movement. The first order of business was to set up a schedule, incorporating all the fitness modalities needed to obtain my goal. . Strength Training . Flexibility Training . Dance Classes . Yoga . Pole Training . Choreography Training Let’s start with strength, I believe you get strong as a pole dancer, by pole training. The muscles you use to pole dance are unlike the muscles you use to run, for example. In order to build those muscles you obviously have to use them. However, I also believe in order to build the core, arm, back and leg strength necessary to achieve the balance in the body I am looking for, requires strength training and endurance training. Enter cross-training, cross training has been proven to drastrical improve overall performance. Taking advantage of the effectiveness of one training method, while at the same time compesating for the shortcomings of that method by combining it with other methods, in this addressing weaknesses. Introducing High Intensity Strength Training and Kettlebell Training. Strength and endurance galore. Next Flexibility Training, BY FAR, the most difficult, at least for me. I struggle with flexibility, having lifted weights and run all my life, my muscles are not stretchy, at all! I force myself to set aside 45 min. 5 days a week to practice focused stretching. I did my research and learned that dynamic stretching is the fastest way to the sexy flexy body I was looking for. Having made this commitment 5 months ago, I learned today while pole training, that is has paid off, in spades! I received a little package of growth. I couldn’t stop grinning! It was a small thing, but I was able to get into a move on the pole that would have been impossible several months ago. Allegra you are finally mine! Ok next on the list, Dance Classes, this was my Achilles heel, having come to Pole Dancing with no gymnastic background and no dance training, I struggled with grace and flow. I felt ill equipped to move the way I wanted to and no matter how much I practiced I felt as though I simply didn’t have the knowledge to create, within myself, the movements I wanted. In other words I lacked the tools. I signed up for Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance classes. I’ve been studying and practicing for several months, although all the above mentioned have worked together to achieve my goal of understanding the balance and movement in my body, these classes have made the greatest impact. I feel equipped to move in ways I never even considered before. I now hold firmly in my grasp a grace, balance and beauty in my movements, that a mere 6 months ago, felt just out of reach. I love the dance classes and am inspired by them. I have given myself the tools to be creative, to use my body and movements as a way of expression. Diana Boyle owner of Embody Pole Fitness, in Corona, CA. Finding inspiration from the amazing people around her continues an ongoing series of articles exploring the empowerment of modern women. Amateur writer, part time IT professional, three quarter time pole dancing diva and full time mom she give her thoughts (in no particular order) about what is great about being a woman today…


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