Just Pole? Part 2

Just Pole? Part 2

Just Pole? Part 2

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Yoga, wow, this was a tough one! Yoga has always bored me to tears, I apologize to all you Yogis out there. I began 6 months ago with once weekly lessons and quickly learned while I could outrun any Yogi any day, I really struggled holding a Warrior 2 pose! Talk about humility! I have learned to love Yoga, love the balance I have gained, love that I no longer fear a handstand, love that I can move fluidly in and out of movements while controlling my breathing. This control has translated to balance and endurance on the pole. Pole is hard! Yoga has given me the gift of breath and the understanding of where my body is in space, which has helped me learn to move fluidly while executing a sequence of moves on the pole. I read it takes 10,000 hours of training to become an expert at anything, which means you have to put in the time and focus. I read an interview of Natasha Wang, by Aerial Amy, I was impressed by the amount of time that Natasha spent training. 9 hours one day, that’s dedication. It’s also inspiring. Pole training is hard, it can be frustrating and unless you maintain the right mind frame, it can be demoralizing. The first step is deciding that you won’t settle for mediocrity. You are worth the effort, the sweat, and the time. The truth is that everyone has the potential for greatness. Two of the greatest pole training tools ever, IPad, for YouTube videos, and a video camera. Nothing beats seeing yourself move. You immediately know what you want to change and can start figuring out how to do it. According to Wiki choreography is-The art of planning and arranging dance movements into a meaningful composition. Choreography means to me, musicality, presentation, a story. Moving seamlessly, melodiously, floating in and out of moves is part of a routine, but it’s not what keeps me transfixed in front of my computer, held by the genius of a performer. It’s all of those things put together in such a way as to create magic. I attend Choreography workshops and classes to practice this art. Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Natasha Wang, Oona hold the audience in their hands, we are at mercy, waiting in anticipation for the next beautiful, delightful move. I watch these great performers and I learn, I stretch my brain, my creativity and reach for greatness. Diana Boyle owner of Embody Pole Fitness, in Corona, CA. Finding inspiration from the amazing people around her continues an ongoing series of articles exploring the empowerment of modern women. Amateur writer, part time IT professional, three quarter time pole dancing diva and full time mom she give her thoughts (in no particular order) about what is great about being a woman today…


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