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IG Take Over

IG Take Over

@UPArtists IG Takeover


We are thrilled you are participating in a UPA Instagram Takeover! Congratulations. Here are a few parameters to help you be as successful as possible.

Before you start your takeover, please review these guidelines and establish your takeover plan for the scheduled time accessing the @UPArtists account.

You will be given access to the @UPArtists account the evening before your take over.  Once you receive your password, make sure to login that evening. We want to make sure you have access and don’t want to leave it until the last minute.


✦ Post on your own social (timeline and/or story) that you are doing a UPA take over the day before.

  • Very little text on image or video if at all.  
  • Introduce yourself/brand in the post comment.  
  • Let the audience know what to expect from you for the take over
  • Are you at an event, doing a give-away or going live?  Let them know what and when things are happening in this comment


✦ The amount of time of your take over should be discussed with AMD and adhered to.  We have a set schedule that we need to maintain, so going outside of the agreed upon times disrupts our flow.  Please respect the times agreed upon.

✦ Please begin no  later than 10:00 a.m. your time zone unless otherwise discussed with AMD.  


✦ Commit to 1 – 2 timeline posts a day,

  • one between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
  • and again between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. (based on your time zone)


✦ Do not post more than 2 timeline posts


✦ Do as many story posts as you like, but you must commit to at least 5 a day (any time of the day within each 24 hour period)


Final Note:

Once you log out, inform AMD so we can change the password again.




✦ Always use #UnitedByPole at the end or every post on our timeline


✦ The majority of posts should take place in the stories


✦ Posting any videos with music that may be infringing on copyright issues means taking a chance.  If IG mutes or deletes a post due to music issues, UPA holds zero responsibility for this.


✦ You may announce other brands in your take over, but do not accept money for doing so.  If we find out that you are accepting payment from other brands to do shout outs, we will not invite you back to do another take over.




Adhere to all of the guidelines listed above and below.


✦ TIMELINE: You cannot post anything with text embedded on image or inside of the video (only if paid)


✦ TIMELINE: You cannot post promo videos (only if paid)

✦ STORIES: You can only post images and/or videos with out text embedded in the image or within the video itself.  

✦ STORIES: You can make a post with a swipe up link to your store/event/workshop/etc.


✦ You CAN post ambassadors, other polers wearing or using your brand

✦ You CAN tag yourself and use your hashtag

✦ If you want to post images and/or videos with promotional text embedded on the image or in the video, that is considered a paid post.  You can purchase paid posts and get a 20% discount for being a take over partner.


✦ You cannot use foul language


✦ You cannot show any nudity whatsoever


✦ Zero tolerance for hate speech, any racist comments, discrimination, or negative comments towards any group of people or individuals.  No bullying of any kind.


✦ Posting any videos with music that may be infringing on copyright issues means taking a chance.  If IG mutes or deletes a post due to music issues, UPA holds zero responsibility for this.


✦ It is UPA’s discretion whether or not to delete a post that you’ve made  and we may do so at any time.


✦ Images and/or videos on timeline and stories should

– be clear

– be well lit

– be active and exciting

– not have talking heads


The most important thing for any take over is to remember we don’t want this to be a sales pitch.  It’s about showing yourself or your brand, for sure, but not an “in your face”promotion.


If you do have a time sensitive sale and are wanting to use @UPArtists as that platform, you are welcome to inquire about our UPA membership tiers. We would love to explain options and costs.


If you are unsure of whether or not what you intend to post is sales related, ask us first.  Let’s determine together what’s best for both parties!


Thank you from all of us at UPA! 💚


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