I want a home pole — but what kind should I get???

I want a home pole — but what kind should I get???

I want a home pole — but what kind should I get???

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When I got my home pole (um, *cough cough* a long time ago….), there were hardly any options available to me. There were three main manufacturers who made safe poles for home use: X-Pole, Lil Mynx, and Platinum Stages. I’ve since learned that other companies had them back then, too … but I never heard of them when I was searching. I could get brass finish or stainless. And I was pretty much going to get a 50mm.

I ended up getting an X-Pole because it was the best fit for my house and level of construction ability, and I’ve been very happy with it. I brought it down one time on myself, in the middle of a big airy spin that exerted a LOT of lateral pressure on my poor pole … which I had NOT safety checked prior to using. That would be Gina error, readers. I readily admit it. Other than that my X-Pole has performed beautifully for me.

These days, dancers who want to buy a pole for their homes have an overwhelming number of choices.  Different manufacturers, different diameters, so many different finishes, different bases, different setup methods, different accessories, different EVERYTHING!!! So how on earth do you choose?

Personally, a brass finish is too grippy for my taste most of the time. I love not being slippery–but I don’t love leaving large pieces of skin behind.  :/  For other dancers, brass is the ONLY finish as far as they’re concerned. It’s so subjective that you really have to try as many different diameters and finishes for yourself as possible.

Start the same way you’d choose anything. Talk to people who pole dance. Ask what they have. If they’re close to you geographically, maybe take a spin on their pole to see how you like it. Go to studios that have different finishes and see how you like them.

This bears repeating because I can’t stress it enough. Try dancing on various poles to see which ones you like best. You will be trusting your pole with your life — literally. You don’t want one that works against you.

Once you’ve narrowed down to a diameter and finish, start reading reviews on the various manufacturers. Ask dancers not only about the poles themselves, but the customer service, shipping, etc. Were problems made right quickly and painlessly? Was shipping so expensive that it all but doubled the cost of the pole? Is there a return policy? Customer service details can make or break your experience as a shopper, so don’t discount them!

My next post will be specifically about the different finishes available to home polers, so stay tuned!

I *love* the poles at Studio Rouge — just the right amount of grip for me!


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