How Many Calories Does Pole Dancing Burn?

How Many Calories Does Pole Dancing Burn?

How Many Calories Does Pole Dancing Burn?

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By now most everyone has heard that pole dancing is a great workout. Us pole dancers know it’s true. We’ve gotten sweaty during warm-ups and breathed heavily through freestyles. I see the results in my body. I feel stronger too. But I rely on concrete numbers for evidence. UPA posted an article from the Poleitical blog this past October on this very subject. The author, Danielle, posted that she peaked at 561 calories burned in a 100 minute pole class. Livestrong claims you can burn 350 calories in a one hour class. Upon further research I discovered figures all over the spectrum from 250 to Danielle’s high numbers at the top of the range.

There obviously isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question. There are many factors at stake such as your age, your height, your weight, how long you work out for and how intense your workout is. I decided to track my own numbers to see just how many calories I personally burn. I used the Exerspy from Dotfit to do this. Dotfit is an online program Crunch Gym (where I’m a personal trainer and teach pole dancing) uses to help members keep track of their calorie intake and activity levels. The Exerspy body sensor can be linked with online accounts to track calories burned, physical activity, sleep efficiency and number of steps taken. Here is a breakdown of some of my interesting findings after wearing the sensor for a week.

Age: 27
Weight: 120
Height: 5’4″

Pole Play, 1 hour
216 calories

Pole Practice, 1 hour
186 calories

Teaching a Chair Dance Class, 45 minutes
158 calories

Teaching a Flex and Pole Class, 1.5 hours
245 calories

Taking Pole Class with Marlo (sharing a pole), 1.5 hours
201 calories

Flexibility Class with Isaac Pena, 1.5 hours
176 calories

As a New Yorker I’m particularly proud to say that I took 12,436 steps and burned a total of 2588 calories this past Saturday! Also, it was interesting to learn that some of my highest peaks were achieved while commuting around the city. I burned 158 calories in the hour I was rushing home from work, walking to the subway station and finally through the streets of Hoboken to meet my friend for dinner (clearly I walk very fast). This system is so precise that through the sleep tracker I could detect to the minute what time I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (it was 6am in case you’re curious!).

Most people greatly overestimate their calories burned and in turn greatly underestimate their calories consumed. This device and system is a great tool to track actual results and makes you think differently about the food you put into your body and your activity throughout the day. I’d be interested in tracking calories exerted in different body types, ages and sexes. Have you ever tracked your calories during a pole workout? What were your results?



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