How to get the most out of your pole classes 2

5. Be the swotty student

Remember at school when it wasn’t cool to be the class swot who listened to every word the teacher said? Now is the time to BE THAT STUDENT! Your instructor is filled with years of knowledge and experience, and is sharing it all with you. If you don’t listen first time around, he or she may repeat it for you but his or her attention may well be on spotting other students. Save conversations and text messages for later. Class is the time to listen. You can even bring teacher an apple if you like (I prefer vodka and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for extra instructor love)However, that’s not to say you can’t…


6. Ask questions

If you didn’t understand first time around, ask. If you need another demonstration, ask. We understand it can take a few times before something clicks. Most instructors are not natural, pick-it-up-first-time students, which is what makes them good instructors – they need to break down a move themselves to learn it, and are able to use that breaking down ability when communicating to you. But still sometimes students may need us to break down something further, and that’s fine! If you need clarification then please ask your instructor. We would rather that than you fall on your head and die, or worse, go home feeling deflated and fall out of love with pole (That’s worse right?)
ask questions
7. Don’t give up
If you have tried something before but couldn’t quite get it, give it time and try it again.  One of the biggest obstacles in pole to overcome is a negative mindset. There is no way your body is going to let you do something of your mind has already decided “ok, if we do that, we are going to die”.
If you try something once in class but didn’t manage it, have another look at it and try it again. If you CAN do something, don’t just stand there. Do it again! And again. And again. Make it better, make it smoother, make it prettier. Find another way into it, and out of it. Pole classes aren’t cheap, so don’t waste a moment of your precious pole time when you could be being a badass.




8. Remember it’s your journey

Inevitably you may find yourself comparing your pole achievements to others. Maybe it’s the friend you dragged along reluctantly, but who turns out to be a bendy circus type who can bend in half backwards and walk on her hands. Or maybe it’s the quiet mousy girl who, with one flick of the hair transforms into an absolute sex goddess. Maybe you take a bit longer than them to nail a trick, or maybe you’re the prodigy and breeze through the lesson without breaking a sweat, while your fellow students struggle and you feel bad and hope their cheers of praise don’t one day turn into daggers of envy.
This is your journey. This is not a race. Everyone has their own pace, strengths and weaknesses, and it doesn’t matter where you are, what matters is that you are enjoying it and feeling good. And it goes without saying, the praise and support from your fellow students makes even the harshest pole burn feel better.

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