Fluidity and flow tips

Fluidity and flow tips

Fluidity and flow tips

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I teach workshops from time to time at my home studio — one on flow/fluidity, and one on trick flow. We go over some new moves and new transitions, but much of the time is spent on refining basics like pirouettes and getting combinations … taking A-B-C into X-Y-Z … into muscle memory so they can be busted out at a moment’s notice without a single brain cell being used.  

Having seamess transitions into and out of spins is especially
helpful when you’re working to improve flow!

I thought some of the tips I share with my students might be helpful to UPA readers too! This week’s post concentrates on a few tried-and-true tips for improving dance flow. Next week will be all about linking tricks together seamlessly.  

  • Keep your center of gravity over the BALLS OF YOUR FEET. Not on your toes, not on your heels. Move like a boxer. And engage your core for better balance!
  • Don’t wait to get “into position” before you start moving. The name of the game is to KEEP moving in all things! Move through your transition, give it a beginning/middle/end, treat it like the dance element that it is, rather than just a way to get from Point A to Point B.
  • DO – NOT – RUSH!!!
  • Make small movements. So many fluidity problems are caused by dancers taking steps or making movements that are too big. They get thrown off balance, back onto their heels or forward onto their tiptoes. 
  • When experimenting, try moves you already know with different grips to see how they change the move. You might find that a flamenco grip is perfect … or that a cupped grip is exactly what you don’t want to do!
  • Just because you haven’t learned it as an “official” move, or it doesn’t have a name, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. That’s how you build your own style – by doing moves that feel right TO YOU.
  • If you get yourself pretzeled up, don’t just jump out of whatever position you were in and start over … use it as a chance to problem-solve. Some of my favorite moves (now) were accidents (then), and I have heard many other dancers say the same!!!
So there you have it: a short list that I pulled from a very long one … hopefully some of what I wrote above will be helpful during your next dance session.  🙂


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