Dancing for someone else, and I’m TERRIFIED

Dancing for someone else, and I’m TERRIFIED

Dancing for someone else, and I’m TERRIFIED

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For most dancers, it seems like an inevitable situation: someone (your SO, friends, family members) knows you pole dance . . . and they want to see you in action. For most dancers, this situation is also inevitable: abject terror at the thought of dancing for someone else.

Of course it’s scary. You’re giving something of yourself that is highly intimate. Even if you dance in a t-shirt and yoga pants, you’re baring yourself to your audience, whomever they are. But don’t let fear consume you!

  1. Choose music that you always, always, always love to dance to. Something that gets you going. You’re more likely to enjoy yourself, and your enjoyment will come through . . . making your dance more enjoyable for your audience. 
  2. Should I choreograph or do a freestyle? Do what puts you the most at ease. For me, that’s freestyle. I tend to forget choreography at crucial points. Then I get frustrated and tangle myself up trying to get back in sync. But when I freestyle, I lose myself in the moment and just dance. Many dancers have the exact opposite feeling. They like the stability of choreography. Some dancers want a mix. The key here is that you go with something that makes you say “I can do this.” If you decide to choreograph, make sure you’re rock solid on it so you can relax and have fun with your dance.  🙂 
  3. Tricks: to do, or not to do? Pole dancers usually love to show off our mad pole skills, I’m no different! But here’s the real truth about tricks: most observers have NO IDEA whether you’re doing something crazily hard-core and difficult, or whether you’re doing something that’s a cakewalk. To them, it all looks impossible. If you include tricks, only do those you know you will nail without a doubt. Nothing new, nothing shaky, nothing that you only get when the planets are aligned and you’re wearing your lucky booty shorts and it’s Sunday and a new moon and . . . you get the idea. Doing something you’re not 100% sure of means you’ll be thinking about it the whole dance, and that will show.
Above all, remember that this is a gift to your audience, and it should be as much fun to give a gift as it is to receive it!  

Annemarie Davies

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