Community Story Week

It’s time to tell your special Pole Community Stories!  Has the pole community lifted you up, changed your life?  Yeah, us too…  We want you to tell your story of how the pole community has been giving you life!  This is the perfect time to let that special group of people know what they mean to you… AND, have the chance to win prizes from your favorite community brands. From August 19 – 25 we will be accepting the submissions.  From August 26 – September 1, we will share our top favorite stories and send each of those story tellers gifts from our sponsors!  

Our sponsors are some of the most reliable and supportive brands in the industry.  Brands that have always had our back, been around for a minute and never hesitate to lift up their community.  These brands are X-Pole, Platinum Stages, Mighty Grip, 123Poling, PoleActive and Vertical Wise.  Check out the prizes for each brand below! 

X-Pole (Gift: FREE Pole)
Platinum Stages (Gift: Gift Card $500)
Mighty Grip (Gift: One of Everything)
123Poling (Gift: 3 Months Membership FREE)
PoleActive (Gift: $100 Gift Card)
Vertical Wise (Gift: 15% OFF))

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