Cindy Cooijmans is UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year for 2017!

Cindy Cooijmans is UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year for 2017!

Cindy Cooijmans is UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year for 2017!

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UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year, Cindy Cooijmans

All year long, we try to do things to honor many of the beautiful pole dancers in our industry.  We share their videos, images, stories, competition results and of course, we run Poler’s Choice Awards every year.  UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year Award is meant to uncover those people who work tirelessly behind the scenes.  Usually, they are people that you don’t hear too much about.  They are professionals that spend little time filming themselves pole dancing.  These people help carry pole dancing into the mainstream.  We deliberate within the UPA team to find the best candidates, we talk about each one internally and decide who deserves the title based on their work, their care and love for the pole community.  We could not be happier for Cindy Cooijmans, UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year for 2017!

We asked her to give us more information on herself so we could let you know just who Cindy is.  You will be seeing her face and hearing her name all year long.  We thought an introduction was in order.  Without further ado, meet UPA’s Industry Pro of the Year, Cindy Cooijmans.

“[Because] this is what a normal weekday for me looks like: together with my husband I run a big local Butchery (I make sure our staff is happy, do all admin and book keeping and arrange all the advertisements), and once children are home from school, I’m a full time mom of 3 beautiful teenage sons. You know how that goes, help with homework, drive them to all the out school activities and friends.”

Everything I do for pole is in my free time and mostly volunteer. It’s a hobby totally run out of hand. 


Teaching: Three evenings a week I teach regular Pole Classes at Sportstudio Ilse in Sint-Michielsgestel. This a small group exercise studio where many sports come together, I the only Pole instructor there. During weekends I teach workshops in other studio’s or at pole camps, bachelor parties or teach refreshment courses for other instructors to improve their skills. I LOVE TEACHING, does not matter if it is beginners (I feel honoured to be the one to give them an unforgettable first class) or very advanced students. (it is so much fun to teach strong and flexible combo’s, it’s like playing with barbie dolls sometimes, students follow you in every direction haha).  In 2017 a team from our studio will be performing at Pole Evolution (a theater show organised by Hanka Venselaar) Looking forward to create a fun piece for them.


Education: I like to stay educated and believe knowledge is power. If you are teaching you should be willing to learn and keep learning. This can be anything. I even learn while watching my boys in judo class, when they go free running or when I’m taking a dance class. Every where you go, you can learn something (even from bad experiences you learn what not to do). Whenever I get the chance, I host Pole Stars at our studio or take workshops when traveling. Beside the annual First Aid and CPR every year,  I completed Elevated 1 and 2 in 2016 and this year I hope to complete my IPDFA Pole Pro Master trainings. I’m also taking the IPSF EPIC children’s courses. Because I believe children need different ways of teaching as adults do, I want to learn how our future polers should be educated.  Therefore, I’m drawing the illustrations for this course. As a Pole Dance Community level 4 instructor I need to send in my achievements every year. This is a great way for me to keep up to date and check my work.

If you are teaching you should be willing to learn and keep learning.

 The International Pole Sports Federation. I work almost full time as a judges director for the IPSF. My job with the IPSF is to help all our certified judges with their questions and make sure all endorsed IPSF competition have an IPSF head judge and full judges panel all over the world. Of course, I’ll keep up to date with my own certificates and help to make the CPD’s (continuing professional development) for our judges. This year, the IPSF World Pole Sports Championship will be held where I live, in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.  It will be on June 30 and July 1 – 2. I’ll be a big part of the organising team. As the only Dutch in the IPSF committee this will take a lot of my time until July. This year the WPSC will be even bigger than before. It will be a three day event filled with workshops, seminars, a lot of vendors, our annual AGM and three big World Championships! Pole Sport, Artistic Pole and the Ultra Pole Battle.
All the IPSF drawings in the Code of Points are done by me and every year I help the technical team with the new moves. In January, the IPSF is invited to see the IOC at their head office in Switzerland. I might accompany our President to this meeting!

IPDFA: International Pole Dance Fitness Association. For the last few years I’ve helped the IPDFA with new moves for the courses and the Pole Position book. This year, the IPDFA has a new president. I already talked with her and will stay on as technical adviser and am also finishing my IPDFA Pro Poler master training in 2017.

I own Pole Move Box, a non profit business. Everything we earn goes back in to the pole industry in one way or another.

Pole Move Box: I own Pole Move Box, a non profit business. Everything we earn goes back in to the pole industry in one way or another. This can be sponsoring competitions and fundraisers (we give a way more boxes than we sell). We support the Timber Brown’s kids foundation and I work hard to keep up to date with the newest creations. In 2017, we will launch a new update including a curriculum builder. Thanks to our amazing models and photographers from all over the world, we are able to continue with this.

Judging: In 2016, I traveled very much and judged a lot of competitions including the WPSC and Pole Classic at Pole Expo. My new years resolution is to stay home a bit more. I already agreed to judge a regional university competition in the Netherlands this year, but try to find other judges instead of me. Unfortunately, I had to say “no” to judging at IPC in Australia in December.

Sportstudio Ilse

Dutch Pole community: In February, the Dutch Pole Sport National Championship will be organised. It is endorsed by the IPSF so the winners qualify for the WPSC. I’m helping the organisers where ever I can. As at this moment, we do not have a fully functioning Dutch federation which I’m trying to coordinate and bring people together for. It’s not a huge task but an important one if we want the Dutch pole community to grow.

Looking forward to 2017 to make this an amazing year!

~ Cindy Cooijmans

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