Training While Injured

Training While Injured

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Written by Jaci Tiption Injuries are part of life for every athlete, and pole dancers are certainly no exception. We expect a lot from our bodies; pole requires an intense combination of strength, flexibility, and stamina. Sometimes we push too hard, and sometimes our bodies simply break down on us. Training during an injury can
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Introducing Jaci Tipton a New Blogger for UPA

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We are super excited to announce Jaci Tipton as a new blogger for UPA.  Jaci has been a blogger in our community for several years now, and she has graciously joined our team to bring you fresh content. We want nothing more than for you to tell your stories through UPA.  Want to blog for
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Injuries are the bane of all athletes. For pole dancers, wrist pain is one of the most common injuries and it can hamper their progress. This can be avoided if you have more knowledge about the injury and you’re aware of the ways to lessen its occurrence. As you read on, you’ll learn more about
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Canadian Pole Competitions

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With so many new Canadian pole competitions popping up, it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you!  To help you choose, we’ve summarized some of Canada’s largest competitions and provided recommendations of which ones you would be best suited for based on your preferred style.   PSO Canada PSO
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Interview with Fran Mackenzie of VerticaLove

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Beardy McPoler here, with a story/interview that will warm the hearts of any poler, regardless of their background. Fran Mackenzie created VerticaLove 5 years ago as a pole event for every poler, all-inclusive, regardless of background or studio affiliation. Think of it as a weekend in “pole Switzerland”, but in Ontario Canada, near Toronto. Lucky
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Happy Father’s Day Poler Dads

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Listed by Desire LM Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s and especially to these amazing Poler Dads! Let’s celebrate these awesome dudes that are dads, that set a wonderful example for all other male polers and for their children. They remind us that anyone can pole in any way that they want!   Chris Measday
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FLOORSOME – Why Floorwork is Awesome

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Written By: Bexiita Ackland We love pole. Fact. We are United Pole Artists, so it kinda goes with the territory. But there is so much more to “Pole Dancing” than just – well – dancing with a pole. The pole is just the 45mm bit in the middle. But look at all that space around it!
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Fitness Trends You Need to Try in 2017

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Written by: Erin O’Brien Her.ie, a popular digital publication geared towards Irish women, has written an article discussing alternative fitness options to help women get fit in the new year. Prominent in the list is Pole Dancing and is described as “a great way to exercise with friends and boost your body confidence”. It is
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OG Trickin’ — the chopper

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Say hello to the helicopter/chopper/inverted V/inverted straddle The chopper is the hobgoblin of many a poler. I struggled with it for a long time before I built the strength to go into it with control and hold myself there. A basic that’s not so basic First and foremost, bear in mind that this is not
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Whose Move Is It, Anyway? Simultaneous invention of pole moves

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Badassery Everywhere! Who doesn’t love seeing cool movement? Crazy tricks? Cool movement combined with crazy tricks? It’s natural that when we see amazing things done by amazing dancers, we want to share it. Giving Credit Where Due When we do share cool stuff, from time to time someone will mention that we “should have credited
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