Relate to it is

Relate to it is

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Written by Elisa Guest I woke up one December morning and realized I felt I was in a failing relationship with Pole. After 6 years- full of triumphs and fails; progress and regress; of shows and parties and injuries and set backs- the excitement wasn’t as strong. The lifelong commitment wasn’t so clear. It felt
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EVERY Body Belongs In The Pole Community

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Written by Lori Glaza We come from all corners of the globe. Pole dancers represent all races, creeds, ages, philosophies, abilities and sexual identities. We perform different styles of dance as diverse as music itself. Yet we are all a family! Each and every one of us is a vital part of the whole pole
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Becoming the Version of ME I Love

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Written by: Nupur Chaudhuri This is not a story of how I was down in the dumps, demotivated, uninspired, pessimistic until I found love in the pole community. No. This is a story of how I finally found what my soul was searching for my entire life. In my teenage years, slambooks were a big
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Reclaiming My Body: A Human Trafficking Survivors Road to Empowerment

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Written by: Darby Alexandra It did not take me long to realize that I had fallen in love with the sport of pole fitness; however, it did take me a while to learn why I had fallen in love with pole. I am a survivor of long-term childhood trauma. I am a victim of childhood
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Dear Dance

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Written by: Karolina Adamczak Dear dance I always felt a void when you weren’t in my life. We were together for the first few years and then we parted ways, and us breaking up is my biggest regret. I always wanted us to get back together. However I had this thing stuck inside my head
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Why is the Pole Community Being Targeted?

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Written by Susan Kim By now, most of us in the pole community have heard about the purging of hashtags regularly used by pole dancers. I have posted and re-posted about this issue as I have tried to sort out why this is happening to us. While reading different social media feeds on the topic,
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Poling for two

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Written by Olive Avira 2018 was a whirlwind! I was getting over a broken collarbone and a bout of being sick when my husband and I found out the most amazing new of our lives. The morning of August 4th, I woke up feeling pretty terrible, but was determined to cheer on my students at
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New Amputee Poler

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Written by Andrew Gregory I discovered pole late,I was 44, had no movement experience and hadn’t exercised for about 15 years,I couldn’t even touch my toes. It had been 15 years since a motorcycle accident left me with terrible damage to my lower left leg. Fourteen operations had succeeded in me keeping my leg, but
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After years of being in the pole world and learning many things from even the most obscure corners of the pole world, I created a website to help me utilize my experience for the sake of others in the pole world. I created PoleTech to be a central hub for my specific fortés in the
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My AnthroPOLEgy

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Written by Elly LeBlanc My AnthroPOLEgy is the story of an older woman who finally took the opportunity to try something she’d always wanted to do. Pole dancing. Not only did she surprise herself by sticking with it, pole dance moved her toward doing something else she’d always wanted to do. Write her first book!
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