Pole Competition Results

Pole Competition Results

The UPA team keeps track of pole competition results so you don't have to.  Trying to remember who won what and when?  Look no more, as we have those events listed here for you.  Are we missing listings for past competitions?  You can help us out by emailing us to info@unitedpoleartists.com.

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Felix Cane Championship Results

The Felix Cane Championship was held in Perth, Australia and our UPA Ambassadors, Bec Filmer and Casey Mcmahen were there brining us all the action as it happened. The results of the...

2016 Pole Theatre Ireland Results

Professional Division Pole Comedy:  Andrea and Stevie Pole Drama: Marcin Miller Pole Classique: Lea Roth Overall Winner: Marcin Miller Semi Pro Division Pole Art: Angeliki Anastasopoulou Pole Drama: Amaryllis Nightwish Pole Classique: Lilli Daschle Overall Winner: Angeliki Anastasopoulou Amateur Division Pole Art...

2016 National Aerial Pole Art Results

Neo 3rd- Tilly Erickson 2nd- Anikia Jackson 1st- Patricia Yndigoyen Doubles 3rd- Femi Nine & Pam Taqo 2nd- Amanda Wing & Jessica Anderson Gwin 1st- Jenna Ciotta & Lindsey Green Female Allstar 3rd- Ginja (Rachel Perry) 2nd- Grace Holiday 1st- Jessica Anderson...

2016 Atlantic Pole Championship Results

Results for the 2016 Atlantic Pole Championships Women: 1st- Ashley Fox 2nd- Sarah Chenon 3rd- Katerina   Men: 1st- Melvin Sanchez 2nd- Seth Bacher   A big thank you to our UPA Ambassador Chelsea Renee for getting us full coverage of...

Pole Theatre Paris Results

Thanks to Pole Theatre judge and UPA correspondent, Natasha Wang for providing us with the results as they happened.   Congratulations to all the competitors and winners :-)

Pole Theatre South Africa Results

        Our UPArmy ambassador Brian Wolf is at Pole Theatre South Africa and just sent us the results as they happened.   ...

Miss Pole Dance UK

Competition results for Miss Pole Dance UK!  Congratulations to Jess Leanne Norris for winning the Women's Division.