We found an article recently written by Bella Vendetta sticking up for strippers every where.  Her message could not be more clear.  It’s the argument we just can’t get enough of.  But her points are valid, strong and seem to be coming from a personal point of view.  A person’s feelings cannot be denied.  Her experiences
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Pol(e)ing Through Pregnancy and Beyond

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Written by: Erin O’Brien IMPORTANT NOTE: It is a very personal decision whether or not to keep pole dancing throughout pregnancy – a decision which is also based on medical advice – and I am in no way advocating that it is the best thing for everyone. This is MY experience and I made sure
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Written by: Neola Wilby Peanut butter, pork crackling, the sound of snow under-foot on a crisp winter’s day – these things are gloriously, satisfyingly crunchy. One thing that definitely should NOT be crunchy, however, is shoulders. I think it was about 6 months after I started pole when I first noticed that every rotation of my
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