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Loic has a true passion for dance and in particular for the new acrobatic techniques. In 2008 he began to specialize in the Artistic Pole Dance discipline. In 2009, he won the award of  The most promising amateur at the Pole Dance International competition in Hong Kong. Today, his mission is to give a more
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Misspoledance Argentina

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Miss Pole Dance Argentina/Sudamerica 2010

USPDF 2010 West Regionals

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USPDF 2010 West Coast Regionals

Tiffany Hayden

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Raised in a mountain community in Southern California, Tiffany Hayden grew up competing in Snowboarding Tournaments. Tiffany Hayden began pole dancing in 2003. Because of Tiffany’s combined love of dance and athletics, she was instantly captivated by the physical art. Ambitiously, she taught herself the craft of pole dancing, taking on any new trick she
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MGPDC 2010

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Miss Georgia Pole Dance Competition 2010

Rafaela Montanaro

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Rafaela Montanaro began training in gymnastics at the age of 3. She was a gymnast for 12 years studying classic and modern ballet as well as jazz. At the age of 16, Rafaela starting training with École Nationale des Arts du Ciruque, in France. When Rafaela returned to Brazil she earned a degree in Physical
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Estee Zakar

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Estee is a competitive pro pole dance champion and placed 2nd in the 2010 National USPDF Competition and was awarded the title of Miss Trixter! Estee is proud to be sponsored by X-Pole, Mighty Grip and Bad Kitty Apparel. She performs across the country and with the Vertigirls vertical pole troop. Estee is also a
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Prana Liano Ovide-Etienne

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Prana was born August 16, 1988 in Paris, France. She thanks her parents for introducing her to Rhythmic Gymnastic at the age of four, and hasn’t looked back since. She has exceled in National Competitions during her 14 years of pole dancing.Once she graduated from High State Sports Educator of Gymnastic in 2006, she took
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Anjel Dust

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Anjel is one of the early founders of Professional Aerial Pole Dance. She is a Pole Dance instructor and Aerial Pole performer. Her passion for this style of performance art began more than 15 years ago and has been growing ever since. Anjel is sponsored by Bad Kitty and Pole Fit wear. She is also
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Anastasia Skukhtorova

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Anastasia was born in Moscow. She began pole dancing when she was 18 years old, in December of 2008. She trained at Moscow School and fell in love with pole dancing. The first videos Anastasia saw were of Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane. They were a huge inspiration for her and she began training from
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