Vakiesha Wimberly aka Skittles – The Pole Spotlight

Vakiesha Wimberly aka Skittles – The Pole Spotlight

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Vakiesha “SKITTLES” Wimberly is a dynamic pole dance competitor and certified personal trainer. As a national pole dance competitor “SKITTLES” has competed against top international pole dance talent. In these competitions she has come away with the hardware to prove she is a force! She took home the title of 2011’s Miss Pole Vixen Atlanta
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Yohanna Ong

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Amy Guion

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I began dancing ballet at the age of seven. When I was growing up, I was very inflexible and my dance teachers told me that my lack of flexibility was holding me back and that I might want to find another sport to participate in. Most children are limber when they’re younger and almost all
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Evgeny Greshilov

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I was born in a small town in Siberia and when I was a boy, I had experience in different kinds of sports. Even had experience in a dramatic studio. After school I arrived in Moscow for education and graduated from Government College of Circus arts. Like artist of circus. I performed in Great Moscow
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Karol Helms

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Growing up in the Charlotte, NC area, Karol Helms loved rollerblading, dirt bikes, and climbing trees. Typical “girly” activities were just not appealing to her. Her mother tried to get her interested in gymnastics or dance, but neither lasted for very long. She was a fearless tomboy and never let the boys out-do her in
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Marlo Fisken and Steven Retchless

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Marlo Fisken: Marlo, the 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion, has 23 years of dance training, and is a Wilhelmina Fitness model. Her credits include commercials for Nike, L’oreal, and Sobe Adreniline Rush. Also, she performed in industrials for Matrix, GM, Nike, and W hotels. She has performed with artists such as Diddy, Nelly, Pharell, Don
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Natasha Wang

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Natasha Wang is 2010’s USPDF West Coast Champion! She has also won the titles of 2010 California Pole Dance Champion and is East Meets West/Tri-Pole Challenge’s Miss Pole-AM 2010. Natasha trains at Los Angeles’ Be Spun and Kinetic Theory Circus Arts and is a principal dancer with Kelly Yvonne’s Girl Next Door show. She is
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Pro Poler of the Year ’11

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Fawnia Dietrich is Pro-Poler of the Year for 2011

Int’l Pole Dance 2010

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International Pole Dance 2010 Tokyo  

Pole Dance Ireland 2010

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Pole Dance Ireland Princess 2010

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