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History of Pole Dancing According to Wikipedia

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  “It is probable pole dancing started in America in the 1920’s depression with dancers in traveling shows using a tent pole as a prop. The relationship to Chinese poles is unclear, Chinese troupes performed in Barnum and Bailey’s circus from 1914 but they did not perform on poles.[1]” Read the full Wikipedia entry I
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Mina Mortazaie

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*Mina comes from a background in Dance and Gymnastics. She has been Pole Dancing for over 2 years. She brings grace, strength, and flexibility to the pole. As a proud member of the Vertigirls, Mina performs in showcases all over Los Angeles and was recently featured in the LA Times. You can also see Mina
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People Are Talking!!! :)

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  Read Mina Mortazaie’s blog post on Bad Kitty’s website. She mentions UPA!!  

Workshop Pics with Jenyne Butterfly!

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These are pictures from a workshop with Jenyne Butterfly!  The students are Vikki, Anjel, Mina and myself, A.m. and we’re at Evolve Dance Studio in Los Angeles, Ca.  We were very lucky to have a smaller workshop and get all the J.B. attention we needed!  I hope you enjoy the pics.  🙂  

Pics From CPDC 2009

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Pics from CDPC 2009

UPA Photos 2009

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UPA Pics 2009

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