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Pole 2 Pole Magazine “NEWS”

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Alesia Vazmitsel – Pole Dancer on Britains Got Talent 2010Thursday, 03 June 2010 Pole2Pole Magazine Newsflash Alesia Vazmitsel with her Pole dancing will be Live on ITV this Friday 4th June 2010 at… © 2010 – Pole2Pole Magazine

Anastasia Skukhtorova

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Anastasia was born in Moscow. She began pole dancing when she was 18 years old, in December of 2008. She trained at Moscow School and fell in love with pole dancing. The first videos Anastasia saw were of Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane. They were a huge inspiration for her and she began training from
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Pro Pole Dancer of the Month for May!!!!

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Get to know Zoraya Judd!! For pics and bio on ZJ, look to the top bar of the page, highlight Pro Poler of the Month, scroll down to May’10.

Zoraya Judd

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Zoraya was born into a Latin home. The extent of her “dance” background came from family gatherings and parties where she socially Latin danced. At age 15 she got into fitness and has been a consistent gym goer ever since. She loves all types of fitness and enjoys to workout and push her body to
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Josiah Grant

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Josiah Grant began his acrobatic and dancing career at the young age of ten. Growing up, he never had a sport that he dedicated his time to, but always enjoyed taking classes to hone his skills in gymnastics, hip hop dancing, contortion, Jamaican dance-hall, belly dancing, and martial arts. By the time Josiah reached the
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Michula Nunez

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Michula Nunez is a native Californian who grew up doing competitive gymnastics. She developed her love for teaching/coaching quite early when she began instructing gymnastics at the age of 12. Michula soon found that teaching was her calling and found that motivating and believing in the potential and achievements of her students was fulfilling and
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Miss Amber Ray

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Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Amber took up dancing at a young age and progressed over time to include a wide rage of dance styles, including Lyrical and Tap, with a large focus on Classical Ballet and her favorite, Jazz. As professional dancer, Amber also took up pole dancing in 2006 to add another
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Poling Around Town 2

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History of Pole Dancing According to Wikipedia

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  “It is probable pole dancing started in America in the 1920’s depression with dancers in traveling shows using a tent pole as a prop. The relationship to Chinese poles is unclear, Chinese troupes performed in Barnum and Bailey’s circus from 1914 but they did not perform on poles.[1]” Read the full Wikipedia entry I
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Mina Mortazaie

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*Mina comes from a background in Dance and Gymnastics. She has been Pole Dancing for over 2 years. She brings grace, strength, and flexibility to the pole. As a proud member of the Vertigirls, Mina performs in showcases all over Los Angeles and was recently featured in the LA Times. You can also see Mina
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