This would be the first time that we’ve endorsed a brand outside of the pole dance industry. As informers of the industry for the last ten years, we like to make sure what we recommend to you is top notch. Arbonne is eco friendly, animal friendly, vegan, gluten free and uses the best elements in their products. They make sure to test all of their products extensively for quality control, to ensure that when they say “organic”, they mean it. Arbonne has skin care, make up, nutritional items and more. These products are for men, women and children. Good for you, good for the planet.

The best part is, if you want an opportunity to be an Arbonne consultant and create your own business, you can.  Contact us for more information on how to go down this path with the creators of UPA.  

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United Pole Artists has been in the industry since 2009.  We started off as a media company that scoured the community for stories to share with you and the outside world.  Now, UPA is YOUR platform. It’s a space for you to tell your story, share your poling and find out about your fellow polers.  By shopping through UPA’s affiliates, you are supporting this platform. We will always be here for you when you need us. Interested in becoming a UPA Affiliate?  Email us.

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