Apply to be a UPA Coach

Before applying, read this check list:

  • You must have been poling for at least 10 years.
  • You must be actively working in the pole dance industry (including but not limited to strip clubs, studios, associations, events, brands.
  • This program is not one on one private coaching for obtaining new tricks or improving on movement in the form of facetime, in person privates or Skype. 
  • This program is designed to life coach mentees into the next level, overcoming hurdles, making connections, creating building blocks for their futures.  
  • The only type of physical coaching would be in the form of feedback from videos provided by the mentee.  (preparing for a competition, major performance, etc)
  • Before approving any applications, the UPA Manager (AMD) will want to do a phone call with you.
  • We are looking for strong communication skills, strong listening skills and a full understanding of the pole community and industry as a whole.   

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