Aerial Amy: Finals

Aerial Amy: Finals

Aerial Amy: Finals

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As of today, I’ve officially finished my first semester in my grad program. As of today, I’m boarding a plane and celebrating the upcoming wedding of a treasured friend with a bachelorette party in Miami! And as of today, I’m on summer vacation mode! Well, not really… I mean, I’m still working 9-5 but I don’t have summer school and I’m looking forward to tons of trips and travel till September. Despite the stress of the last week, there were some great things that happened: all the students in my beginner/intermediate classes managed some major milestones—it’s always such a rush (as an instructor) when you see people nail strong, graceful, controlled inverts and see them conquering (or taking steps to conquer) their fears. And the boy and I celebrated a milestone in our relationship too, which was a nice little interlude from the papers I had to write. I’m a little astonished at how quickly this year has been flying by. I know they say that as you get older, time seems to pass even more quickly, but seriously! I’ve decided to put together a (short) list of things I want to do for myself for this summer, to make sure that I don’t get too caught up in any one thing, especially since I’m flying around and teaching a lot. Take a bike ride through park with the boyfriend for a picnic. Get a basket to put Bella in so she can come with (she’s 12, and too much running is tough on her now)! Be able to do ten pull ups (with perfect form) in a row, so I can start working on muscle ups! Read up on functional anatomy to prep for my grad course in the fall and possibly prepare for a personal training certification program Spend a day playing hooky from work riding rollercoasters all day at Six Flags with my girls—did this last year and it was BEYOND awesome. Take MORE PICTURES! Of everything. I am horrible at doing this and I’m hoping that ten years from now I don’t look back and regret it. What are your goals this summer? What are you hoping to accomplish, or spend more time doing? Aerial Amy is a Manhattan-based pole instructor. To learn more about her, please visit http://aerialamy.com and find links to her daily, pole-based blog and other projects.


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