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United Pole Artists (UPA) was originally a pole dance media company.  Our focus was blogs, news, information, live streaming and the overall support of the pole dance community.  Now, UPA Archives is a resource for those wanting to learn more about our history or find out a fact that you just can’t remember.  We have been collecting news, information and writings by other polers since 2009 until the end of 2017.  During that time, pole dance was exploding all over the world.

“United Pole Artists has always embraced all types of pole…”

Founder, Annemarie Davies, had a strong sense early on that recording our history during this time was crucial.  Now, as we can clearly see, pole dancing is an unstoppable force.  We must never forget how it started and how we got to where we are now.

This site can be used to find past information on pole dancing.  United Pole Artists has always embraced all types of pole, never discriminating or judging.  Here you will find stories and news on all pole: exotic pole, pole fitness, contemporary pole, international pole, pole competitions, pole showcases, male polers, kids pole, even grandmas and grandpas pole dancing.

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