media companyUnited Pole Artists is a media company

which was born in March of 2009.  Originally, the idea of this media company was to create awareness about Pole Dancing.  During that time, pole dance was just starting to explode and spread its art into the mainstream world from out of the strip clubs. Thus, it became necessary to inform others of how pole dance was evolving. Here at UPA, we respect the roots of pole dancing while being an advocate of its growth into other genres of dance.  Our UPA team accepts all forms of pole and therefore aim to keep the public informed and knowledgable on this industry.

media companyUPA.tv is a subsidiary of United Pole Artists and a live stream and on-demand stream website.  We live stream pole and aerial competitions, showcases, webinars and more.  UPA.tv is also home to streamed classes including, VertieTV, StretchItTV, TwistedTV and AMDtv.


Our Mission:

Our Mission: United Pole Artists is a Pole Dance News, Media and Marketing company. Our main goal is to inform the community and the public of what is happening in the pole dance and pole fitness industry. This includes having available informational content, promoting other brands, disseminating news and sharing tales of triumph, victory and healing through the act of pole dance and pole fitness. We do this with integrity, transparency, and honesty.




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United Pole Artists Pole News is a place where news from around the world regarding pole dancing is shared.  UPA and UPA Bloggers write and/or gather news and stories for you so you don’t miss a thing.  Have something to add to this story? You do not need to be signed in to leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts on these stories. We would love to hear from you!


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